Hong Kong Shopping Tour in 24 Hours

night market Mong Kok, Hong Kong
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If you’re in Hong Kong for one thing and one thing only -- the shops -- you won’t be disappointed. Whether its markets or malls, small-time boutiques or grand departments stores, this is a city that dances to the sound of the cash register ringing.

But where to start? If you’ve only got a short stay in the city – or want to get all your shopping out the way in one smart, fast swoop – we’ve put together a twenty-four-hour shopping tour of Hong Kong, including some of the best independent shops.

Morning - Central

It’s best to start off in Central while you still have cash; the shops here are exclusive but come with a hefty price tag. There are seemingly more French boutiques in Hong Kong than in France and the crossroads at the heart of the district is a flagship Louis Vuitton store. The building it’s set in is Hong Kong’s swankiest mall, the Landmark. Think high-end fashion, jewelry, and handbags. It’s also home to the biggest Harvey Nichols store in Asia.

While you’re in the area don’t miss the flagship Shanghai Tang store. Its modern Chinese-inspired fashion and homeware have been a hit from the streets of Hong Kong to San Francisco. Expect Mao jackets, Chinese knot dresses and Han designed tableware. If you’re looking for upmarket gifts, look no further.

Afternoon – Causeway Bay

Central was just your warm up. The home of Hong Kong shopping is Causeway Bay. This bustling district rarely takes a breath and from morning to night shoppers hit the pavements in search of the best bargains and the latest fashions.

It’s a little more down to earth over here with mass market shops, both international and local mixing with some fantastic independent shops.

Fashion Street should be your first destination to find the latest Hong Kong fashions. These shops can often hide inside faceless mid-rise blocks and it’s a good idea to look up the shops you’re interested in first but here’s two for starters.

Kniq (155 Patterson Street) is popular with the city’s Canto-pop stars and you’ll find the sort of clothing that looks fantastic on the catwalk but makes you look foolish down the pub; gold studded boots, all in one pajamas with holes cut in them and other ones offs. For something a little less flashy and a whole lot more stylish is Liger (11 Pak Sha Road). This small-scale boutique is run by Hilary Tsui. One of the city’s leading fashion designers, her unique designs are regularly the inspiration for trends that sweep the city.

Evening - Kowloon

Just about every district in Hong Kong has a market so you’ll be spoiled for choice if you fancy doing some street shopping. There’s no better stretch and selection than those in Mongkok. There’s the Goldfish Market, the Flower Market, and the Ladies Market - essentially, whatever it is you want to buy you’ll be able to find it here.

You should finish your shopping excursion off with a trip to the Temple Street Night Market. Running from 8 to 11 pm, you’ll find everything from pots and pans to knock off Gucci bags and cheap chopsticks.

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