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20 Tips to Find the Best Food and Restaurants in Hong Kong

Hong Kong restaurant reviews can be found further down. They are – the restaurants - some of the best in the world – as attested to by the shiny stickers of the Zagat guide and the stars of the Michelin Guide. The city is a living, breathing food court. Most people will have Cantonese cuisine on their mind when choosing a Hong Kong restaurant– but even here there is an incredible amount of choice. Before you jump into the Hong Kong restaurant reviews (which are below) you’ll first need to decide what you want to eat. You might also want to browse our section at the bottom, which looks at some of the issues surrounding eating in Hong Kong.

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Cantonese Cuisine Explained

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  • Complete Guide to Cantonese Cuisine
    Start here and learn your char siu from your dim sum. This guide explains the many different specialties of Cantonese cuisine and Hong Kong restaurants, from seafood to BBQ.
  • Dim Sum in Hong Kong
    Not just a food, but an experience. Hong Kong’s clattering Dim Sum restaurants can be a shock for some. We reveal what to expect.
  • Dai Pai Dong Street Food
    Forget McDonald's, Hong Kong’s grab and go street food is the only way to eat out in Hong Kong. But, before you dig in, find out exactly what mystery meats you’ll be picking up.
  • Top 10 Weird Hong Kong Foods
    From 1,000-year-old eggs to turtle jelly, we highlight a few Hong Kong specialties you may want to give a swerve.
  • Seven Hong Kong Seafood Dishes
    Seafood is one of Cantonese cuisine’s greatest passions and the city’s restaurants serve up superb seafood at very cheap prices. Here are seven dishes well worth trying.
  • Eight Mooncake Flavors
    This celebratory dish associated with Hong Kong’s Mid-Autumn festival has spread its wings in recent years to incorporate more modern fillings. Mint ice cream moon cake perhaps?
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Hong Kong Restaurant

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Individual Restaurant Reviews

  • Café O
    The floor to ceiling windows, sociable stool and table service and roma flatbread pizzas make Café O one of Hong Kong’s best European cafes.
  • Jimmy’s Kitchen
    Hong Kong’s original western restaurant, Jimmy’s Kitchen has been serving up pork chops, lamb and mint sauce and jam roly poly for the best part of a century.
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Food Concerns

  • What is MSG?
    This mystery food enhancer has been attracting all the wrong sort of headlines for years and its association with Chinese food is legendary. Find out more.
  • Should I Eat Shark Fin Soup
    What to eat in Hong Kong isn’t always a dilemma of the meat or fish, more moral questions of eating up the last of an endangered species are also on the menu.
  • Hong Kong Seafood Dos and Don'ts
    Some people are concerned about eating the city’s fine seafood for fear that they’ll spend the morning hugging the toilet bowl. You don’t need to be, find out the dos and don'ts.


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