Hong Kong Disneyland

Night view of Disneyland in Hongkong.
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The Bottom Line

Hong Kong Disneyland is the city's second theme park, and feels somewhat like a work in progress. A lack of rides and attractions, as well as the distance between each one makes the park a hard sell. Prices are also expensive for what the park contains. Give Hong Kong Disneyland a miss and check out Ocean Park. Full review and photo tour below.

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  • Good for kids
  • Easy to reach
  • High quality hotels


  • Low on attractions
  • Relatively expensive
  • Distance between attractions


  • Address: Hong Kong Disneyland, Sunny Bay
  • Tel: 1830 830
  • Hours: 10am -7pm daily, except public holidays and special events.
  • Transport: MTR Subway. Central Station - Sunny Bay
  • Tour Take our Photo Tour of Disneyland, for a picture by picture view of the theme park.

Guide Review - Hong Kong Disneyland


In its first two years, Hong Kong Disneyland came in for a barrage of criticism from press and visitors alike. The park stumbled from one PR disaster to another; including serving the environmentally reprehensible Shark Fin soup, and turning mainland Chinese visitors away in scenes reminiscent of the Berlin Wall. However, it's not all bad news.

What's the Problem?

Most gripes about Hong Kong Disneyland generally boil down to a lack of rides and attractions - and, in fairness, this is true.

The park is constantly expanding, however what's available now very much feels like a work in progress. To put it into figures, there are currently just under 28 'entertainment items' in Hong Kong Disneyland, compared to 44 in Paris and 65 in California.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Who Should Go?

If you have young kids 5-9, the park probably has plenty to keep them occupied as most of the rides and attractions are aimed at this age group.

If, however, you have older kids, you will probably want to give it a miss, as aside from Space Mountain, the park doesn't have many attractions to interest them.

How Much Do Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets Cost?

The park is not cheap, with standard adult entry priced at HK$350. Things however are not that simple, with special days, peak days and various other rules and caveats. Find out your ticket price at Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket Prices and Tips.

Where to Stay at Hong Kong Disneyland?

Disneyland Hong Kong has two hotels, both of which have received positive reviews since their opening. You can read our review of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, the park's flagship hotel, or check out the cheaper Hollywood Hotel.

Both the hotels are often included in Hong Kong Disneyland packages - some of which also include flights.