Honeymoon Travel Insurance: Do You Need It?

Do You Need to Buy Honeymoon Travel lnsurance?

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Honeymoon travel can be expensive, and it's true that things can go wrong.

Everything from plane delays and cancellations to insect bites that turn serious to sprained or broken bones to destructive weather events can derail a trip that you've been planning and looking forward to for months. 

Why Buy?

If you're worried about one or both of you falling ill on your honeymoon, first check your health insurance plans.

Some policies offer coverage outside the country. Without it, you could incur high bills that may include the cost of airlifting you from the site of the incident to a place where you can get medical attention.

Although some enlightened countries offer low-cost medical treatment to both citizens and visitors, in other places you may not feel comfortable with the quality of healthcare and want to see your own doctor at home.

Unexpected illness, of course, is not the only reason to consider honeymoon travel insurance. As with most valuable investments, it's at least worth considering buying insurance to cover your honeymoon.

Who Sells Honeymoon Travel Insurance?

Two major carriers that offer travel insurance to honeymoon couples are Allianz Global Assistance and Travel Guard.

The largest carrier, Travel Guard sells some six million travel insurance policies a year. Most are short-term, simply covering the period of a honeymoon or vacation.

 On the Travel Guard website, you can get a price quote and buy online (offsite link).

According to Beth Godlin of Allianz Global Assistance (formerly Access America), "Travel insurance costs about 5% to 7% of the trip. This relatively small investment helps couples buy peace of mind in an economical way." In addition to serving honeymooners, Access America travel insurance can also cover domestic partners on their celebratory vacations.

Godlin advises, "Think about the concerns you have. Look into coverage that will reimburse you if you have to cancel or interrupt your trip for an unforeseen reason, like a sudden illness or a travel company bankruptcy."

What Does a Travel Insurance Policy Cover?

Different companies offer different benefits, and it is essential to read and understand all the small print before buying a travel insurance policy. It is also advisable to compare the prices and benefits of a few companies before selecting a travel insurance carrier.

"Consider protection for delays due to missed connections and for personal belongings such as lost or stolen baggage," suggests Godlin. "If you are traveling overseas, look into concierge and emergency assistance services as well as coverage for emergency medical treatment and necessary but costly medical evacuations."

Understand that travel insurance is time-limited (you pick the length of coverage). Once you return from your trip, benefits expire unless you purchase another policy.

When considering travel insurance, ask if the policy covers:

  • Bankruptcy of an airline, tour, cruise or other supplier you planned to travel with
  • Trip cancellation and interruption
  • Accidents before or during your honeymoon that might prevent travel
  • Missed connections, travel or baggage delays
  • Emergency assistance.

How Does it Help to Have Travel Insurance in an Emergency?

"In the event of a medical emergency while overseas, the average domestic health insurance company can be of little or no help," says Matt Girden, president of MyHoneymoonInsurance.com. "Thankfully, most overseas travel insurance companies provide 24/7 phone support that can be called collect from anywhere in the world to coordinate medical treatment, emergency evacuation, and even claims processing."

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