Honeymoon Timeline

Plan Your Honeymoon Using a Timeline

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A timeline can help you to plan your honeymoon getaway. As with any major project, planning, organizing and scheduling a honeymoon will be easier and less stressful if you break it down into manageable parts and allow time to plan for your post-wedding vacation.

While it's certainly possible to accomplish everything below in less time — some couples can pull off a last-minute honeymoon in a week — following this timeline will minimize problems and disappointment on a more well-planned honeymoon.

Six Months in Advance of Your Honeymoon: Set a Budget

Five Months in Advance of Your Honeymoon: Choose a Destination

Four Months in Advance of Your Honeymoon: Make Reservations

  • Learn ways to save money on honeymoon travel
  • Book your hotel and air reservations online
  • Or work with a travel agent - online or offline
  • Get a free Tripit account and start sending your reservation confirmations there. You'll be able to access it from any computer and your smartphone and tablet devices

Three Months in Advance of Your Honeymoon: Attend to Details

Two Months in Advance of Your Honeymoon: Get Organized

One Month in Advance of Your Honeymoon: Finalize Honeymoon Plans

One Week in Advance of Your Honeymoon: Get Ready to Go

  • Pack
  • Secure tickets
  • Decide how much cash and traveler's checks to take
  • Learn how and where to exchange currency and find an ATM in your destination
  • Make photocopies of passports, airline tickets, travelers' checks numbers, and credit cards. Store one copy in a place separate from your wallet and leave another at home with a reliable person
  • Arrange for the post office to hold your mail (or for a friend to pick it up) while you're away
  • Know how to make your honeymoon last longer
  • Confirm your itinerary on Tripit and add in any additional details so that you have all of your trip details in one accessible space

Finally, Your Honeymoon!

Congratulations...and bon voyage! Your honeymoon is just the start of exploring the world together.

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