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For those of us who have busy or complicated lives, sometimes paying for a service that can make our lives a little easier is well worth the extra cost. Residents of the Greater Phoenix area are fortunate to have a store that offers a home delivery service for groceries that are selected online and then brought right to your front door.

Benefits of Grocery Delivery

Grocery stores in Phoenix offer everything, from liquor to flowers, and prepared foods to birthday cakes, in addition to the regular grocery items. In a different time, it was enjoyable to spend two hours or more doing the weekly shopping, perusing the diverse array of offerings in wide aisles and sparkling clean, cool stores. Times have changed and there are many reasons that people have groceries delivered.

Whether you work long hours and don't want to spend the time to shop, have young children who might make shopping stressful, or don't have transportation available, home delivery of your groceries might be a viable or even wonderful alternative. Grocery delivery offers many benefits beyond the convenience, from reducing the temptation of impulse buys to the easy availability of nutrition information. Locally, across most of Maricopa County, Safeway offers this service.

Signing Up

Safeway makes it easy to get groceries, fresh produce, meat and even frozen foods delivered to your home or business located almost anywhere within Maricopa County. Check the website to see where in the Valley of the Sun the service is available and to sign up online.

Benefits and Best Features

  1. Same day is delivery available if the order is placed early in the morning.
  2. Even in summer in the desert, you don't have to worry about refrigerated or frozen items going bad in the heat.
  3. You can choose different delivery windows: 1-hour, 2-hour or 4-hour. The more flexibility you can give Safeway, the lower the delivery charge. 
  4. You can receive discounts offered to Safeway Club cardholders even if you didn't have one before. These discounts and other sales are clearly indicated and you can also sign up for the Just4U program to receive additional discounts.
  5. The system keeps track of items that you have purchased online or with your Club Card at the store, so subsequent online shopping is faster if you typically buy the same items.
  6. Drivers do not accept tips.
  7. You may submit a note for orders online about the item. For example, when ordering produce, you can post notes on preferences, such as requesting slightly green bananas.
  8. Upon checkout, you can indicate whether or not a similar item may be substituted if your selected item is not available at that time. This is indicated for each item, so you can be flexible on some items but be sure to get the exact item you request for essentials.
  9. If you find any problems with the items you ordered or have any questions about the charges, you can contact customer service using the app or via phone call.
  10. You will receive the same rewards (gas rewards, for example) for online orders as if you had shopped in the store.


  1. The registration process can be cumbersome and some people experience bugs that require calls to Customer Service. One way to avoid problems is to have your Safeway Club account number available.
  2. Some products that you normally buy may not be available under the home delivery program. For example, deli items like whole roasted chickens are available in stores, but that product is not available for home delivery. Specialty items that may be carried in your local store but are not widely available may also be missing from the delivery menu.
  3. Prices may not be the same. Some items at are priced higher than at the store, sometimes by quite a large margin.
  4. There is a $50 minimum order requirement.
  5. No paper coupons are accepted.
  6. With substitutions and items sold by weight, it may be difficult to reconcile the quoted price with the final.

Important Tips and Information

  1. There is no charge to register for—your credit card is only charged when you place an order.
  2. When you sign up for home delivery, you are automatically assigned a new Safeway Club card number. Apparently, they have two separate systems and your information has to be linked together the first time. A quick call to Customer Service can link your new card number to the store system and sign you up for Just4U discounts as well. 
  3. You have to be able to pay by credit card or debit card. The delivery people don't collect or disburse any money. That's all done online.
  4. You can register for and have the groceries delivered elsewhere. For example, you might want to order groceries to be delivered to your mom, or you might want the groceries delivered to you while you are at work.
  5. Just before you finalize your online order you may write comments, like specific instructions relative to directions, advice for navigating large apartment complexes, or information on accessing business addresses that would facilitate the process.
  6. drivers will not just leave groceries at your door. Someone who is at least 18 years old —21 or older if you ordered any alcoholic beverages—must be available to sign for them.
  7. The driver/delivery person will carry groceries up flights of stairs to get to your apartment.
  8. The ordering process gets much easier the more you experience you get!
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