Hollywood Walk of Fame

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    Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Hollywood Walk of Fame
    Photo © 2012 Kayte Deioma, licensed to About.com

    The Hollywood Walk of Fame is made up of over 2500 star-shaped pink terrazzo sidewalk paving stones honoring men, women and fictional characters who have made a significant contribution to film, television, radio, recording or live theatre. The Walk of Fame stretches over a mile of Hollywood Blvd on both sides of the street from La Brea Avenue to Gower Street with extensions north and south along Vine Street from Yucca Street to Sunset Boulevard. The biggest cluster of stars is in front of Hollywood & Highland and The Chinese Theatre.

    The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of LA's most visited and photographed landmarks, one of the Top Things to Do in Hollywood, and one of the Top FREE Things to Do in LA. It was introduced in 1958 to add a little glitz to the neighborhood. Since then the number of stars has grown to over 2500 and new ones are added regularly. 

    Stars are given in five categories, indicated with different brass symbols.

    • Motion Picture Camera - for contribution to the film industry
    • Television Set - for contribution to broadcast television
    • Phonograph Record - for contribution to the recording industry
    • Radio Microphone - for contribution to the broadcast radio industry
    • Twin Comedy/Tragedy Masks - for contribution to theatre/live performance (added in 1984)

    The first 8 plaques, which were installed at Hollywood and Highland on August 15, 1958 for promotional purposes, were Olive Borden, Ronald Colman, Louise Fazenda, Preston Foster, Burt Lancaster, Edward Sedgwick, Ernest Torrence, and Joanne Woodward. Lawsuits by property owners who didn't support the Walk, and the family of Charlie Chaplin, who was excluded from the original list for political reasons, delayed the continuation of the Walk until 1960. Between March 1960 and spring 1961, 1558 stars were laid. It took until 1968 for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to work out a system of nominations and criteria to add new stars.

    Why Do Some People Have More than One Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

    When the original batch of 1558 stars were laid, many of the honorees had multiple stars for contributions in different categories. However, once the Hollywood Chamber settled on criteria for new stars, and new stars had to be individually funded by the Chamber or later by sponsors, receiving more than one star became rare. So the many multiples you see were almost all inducted February 8, 1960. Bob Hope was the last person to receive a multiple, and it was his 4th star, added in 1993 for Live Performance. In 2016 Ron Howard will be the first person since 1993 to get an additional star - this time in the category of Motion Pictures. He received his first star for Television in  in 1981.

    Fictional Characters on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Fictional non-human characters who have been honored with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame include Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Godzilla, Kermit the Frog, Mickey Mouse, The Muppets, The Rugrats, Big Bird, Snow White, Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh, The Simpsons and Shrek. Three dogs - Lassie, Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart also have stars. There is also a star for the Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz.

    How Does Someone Get a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

    Anyone can nominate someone who has made a contribution in one of the five recognition categories for the Walk of Fame. However, each nomination must be accompanied by a letter of agreement from the nominee or his or her management and the nominator has to agree to pay the $30,000 fee, which covers the star, the ceremony and maintenance of the Walk of Fame. One a nomination is selected, the nominee has 5 years to pick a date for their star ceremony, after which the nomination expires and they have to start over. Twenty to 25 stars are added each year from a pool of 200 or more nominations. Nominations are accepted through late May for consideration each June. Get more details on Nominations for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    How Do I Attend a Star Ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

    Walk of Fame ceremonies are open to the public. All ceremonies take place on a weekday at 11:30 am. There is an allocated public viewing area, which is standing room only. No chairs or stepladders are allowed. Plan to arrive plenty early to have a view. You can find out when they are scheduled at www.walkoffame.com. You can also follow @wofstargirl on Twitter or Walk of Fame on Facebook for the latest happenings.

    Many people get their stars the year after they are awarded, but recipients have 5 years from the date of announcement to schedule their ceremony. Some awardees who are announced never get their stars. Check the Star Ceremony Schedule for upcoming installation. 

    Stars announced in 2015 for 2016 installation or later are:

    Motion Pictures: Steve Carell, Bradley Cooper, Ashley Judd,  Michael Keaton, Toshiro Mifune (posthumously), Kurt Russell,, and Quentin Tarantino.

    Television: Barbara Bain, Kathy Bates, Roma Downey, David Duchovny, Allison Janney, Rob Lowe, Debra Messing,  Tracy Morgan, William S. Paley (posthumously) , and Gary Sinise.

    Recording: Shirley Caesar, ‘Mama’ Cass Elliot (posthumously), LL Cool J, Cyndi Lauper, Adam Levine, Bruno Mars, Itzhak Perlman, and Joseph B. ‘Joe’ Smith.

    Live Performance: Harvey Fierstein, Kevin Hart, and Angélica María.

    Radio:  NBA voice Ralph Lawler.

    Stars announced in 2014 for 2015 or later installation are:

    Motion Pictures:  Raymond Chandler  (posthumously), Eugenio Derbez,  Will Ferrell, Jennifer Garner, Bob Kane (posthumously), Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Rudd and Snoopy. 

    Television:  James L. Brooks, Ken Ehrlich, Bobby Flay, Seth MacFarlane, Julianna Margulies, Chris O’Donnell, Jim Parsons, Amy Poehler, Kelly Ripa, Sofia Vergara

    Recording:  Kool & The Gang, Pitbull, and recording engineers Al Schmitt and "Dr. Luke" (Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald)

    Live Performance:  Kristin Chenoweth, Dick Gregory and Ennio Morricone.

    Radio:  Larry Elder 

    Has Anyone Ever Been Removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

    The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a registered historic landmark (Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #194).  Some of the celebrities who have been recognized with stars on the Walk of Fame have gone on to be involved in controversy, or even criminal activity, leading to calls for their removal. The late Johnny Grant, who chaired the Walk of Fame Committee for many years had this to say on the subject: “Stars are awarded for professional achievement to the world of entertainment and contributions to the community. A celebrity’s politics, philosophy, irrational behavior, outrageous remarks or anything like that have never been cause to remove a Walk of Fame star.”

    Get Your Star on the Walk of Fame

    You can get your own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at Starring You.

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    Hollywood Walk of Fame Trivia

    The Apollo XI Memorial Plaque on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
    Photo © 2004 Kayte Deioma, licensed to About.com

    Here are a few fun details I came across when researching the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    • There are a number of people who have received multiple stars for activity in more than one arena, but Gene Autry is the only performer to receive stars in all five categories. For a full list of people with multiple stars see page 4.
    • There are 2 stars for Michael Jackson on the Walk of Fame. The one at 1541 Vine Street is for LA radio talk show host Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson the recording artist has a star at 6927 Hollywood Blvd in front of the Chinese Theatre. Interestingly, they were both inducted in 1984. 
    • There are also 2 stars for Harrison Ford. The one on the north side of Hollywood just west of Cherokee is for the silent film actor. The more modern Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) has his star at 6801 Hollywood Blvd in front of Hollywood & Highland.
    • According to Ana Martinez, Walk of Fame ceremony producer, the three most photographed stars on the Walk of Fame are Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Johnny Depp.
    • Charlie Chaplin Jr. fruitlessly sued the City of LA because his exiled father was not included in the original lists of honorees in the 1950's due to a highly publicized false paternity claim and his supposed communist leanings. Charlie Chaplin finally got his star in 1972 on the same day as he received an Academy Award for the theme song from his movie Limelight, re-released the previous year, but could not attend the ceremony due to the death threats against him.
    • The original Walk of Fame was a single row of stars, but due to running out of space in the designated area, stars are now in 2 or more rows in some areas.
    • Sophia Loren received the 2000th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1994.
    • Scientists and inventors on the Hollywood Walk of Fame include Thomas A. Edison, sound system engineer Ray Dolby, George Eastman, the inventor of roll film, and make-up artist and inventor Max Factor.
    • A number of stars choose not to have a star on the Walk of Fame. Madonna was nominated for a star in 1990, but did not show any interest in accepting. Her nomination has expired. Cher didn't accept a solo nomination either, but did accept a star with Sonny Bono as Sonny and Cher.
    • In 1980 Hugh Heffner received a star at 7000 Hollywood Blvd for contribution to TV, despite the fact that the Playboy publisher's bio on the Walk of Fame page doesn't identify any actual contribution to television.
    • Mohammed Ali received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2002 for Live Performance.
    • There's a plaque on the Hollywood Walk of Fame honoring astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, Jr. and Michael Collins and the Apollo XI flight 7/20/69.
    • Of the first 1558 stars in the original Walk of Fame in 1960, 23 honor 19 Hispanic performers; Don Ameche, Desi Arnaz, Leo Carillo and Xavier Cugat each got 2. 18 were given to 15 African American actors and singers; Lena Horne, Nat King Cole and Hattie McDaniel each received two. Three Asians, Sessue Hayakawa, Sabu and Anna Mae Wong were honored. Joe Kirkwood, Jr. is identified in the first batch of stars as Australian as ethnicity - the only one of many Australian awardees identified as such.
    • The La Brea end of the Hollywood Walk of Fame is marked with a gazebo-like sculpture called the Hollywood La Brea Gateway or the Four Ladies Statue.
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    Finding a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Hollywood Walk of Fame
    Photo © 2012 Kayte Deioma, licensed to About.com

    If you're looking for particular stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, this page has basic orientation on how to navigate the Walk of Fame and addresses of some popular stars.

    The Hollywood Walk of Fame starts in the 6100 block of Hollywood Blvd at Gower Street and runs 15 blocks west to the 7000 block at La Brea Ave. Odd numbers are on the north side of the street; even numbers on the south side. The addresses on Vine run from the 1500 block at Sunset north three blocks through the 1700 block at Yucca Street. Odd numbers on on the west side of the street; even numbers are on the right.

    The densest collection of new actor stars is in front of Hollywood & Highland Center, where you'll find Sandra Bullock, Michelle Pfeiffer, Keanu Reaves, Kevin Spacey, Harrison Ford, Jamie Foxx, Nicole Kidman, Britney Spears, Steven Spielberg, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Russell Crowe, Matt Damon, Kevin Costner, Jackie Chan, Anthony Hopkins, Robert Duvall and two of Mickey Rooney's 5 stars.

    You can look up every star in the Walk of Fame Directory, but you have to click into each one to find the address, so here is an alphabetical list of some of the most popular stars with their addresses.

    Categories - MP=Motion Pictures; TV=Television; RC=Recording; RD=Radio; LP=Live Performance

    Jean Autry - (1960 MP) 6644 Hollywood Blvd; (1960 TV) 6667 Hollywood Blvd; (1960 RD) 6520 Hollywood Blvd; (1960 RC) 6384 Hollywood Blvd; (1987 LP) 7000 Hollywood Blvd

    Jennifer Aniston (2012 MP) 6270 Hollywood Blvd

    Fred Astaire (1960 MP) 6756 Hollywood Blvd

    Simon Baker (2013 TV) 6352 Hollywood Blvd

    Lucille Ball (1960 MP, TV)  6100 & 6436 Hollywood Blvd

    Javier Bardem (2012 MP) 6834  Hollywood Blvd

    The Beatles (1998 RC ) 7080 Hollywood Blvd (near La Brea, south side)

    Orlando Bloom (2014 MP) 6927  Hollywood Blvd (Madame Tussauds)

    Charles Chaplin (1972 MP) 6751 Hollywood Blvd

    Nat "King" Cole (1960 RC, TV) 6659 & 6229 Hollywood Blvd

    Kevin Costner (2003 MP) 6801 Hollywood Blvd

    Sammy Davis Jr (1960 RC) 6254 Hollywood Blvd

    James Dean (1960 MP) 1719 Vine St (near the Redbury Hotel)

    Ellen DeGeneres (2012 TV) 6270 Hollywood Blvd

    John Denver (2014 RC) 7065 Hollywood Blvd

    Johnny Depp (1999 MP) 7018 Hollywood Blvd (near Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel)

    Vin Diesel (2013 MP) 7000  Hollywood Blvd (Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel)

    Harrison Ford (2003 MP) 6801 Hollywood Blvd (Hollywood & Highland)

    James Franco (2013 MP) 6838 Hollywood Blvd (Dolby Theatre) 

    Neil Patrick Harris (2011 TV) 6243 Hollywood Blvd

    George Harrison (2009 RC) 1750 N Vine St (Capitol Records)

    Alfred Hitchcock (1960 MP) 6506 Hollywood Blvd

    Bob Hope (1960 MP, TV, RD; 1993 LP)  6141, 6541, 6756, 7021 Hollywood Blvd

    Jennifer Hudson (2013 RC) 6262 Hollywood Blvd

    Kermit the Frog (2003 TV) 6801 Hollywood Blvd (Hollywood & Highland) 

    Mickey Mouse (1978 MP) 6925 Hollywood Blvd

    Michael Jackson (1984 RC) 6927 Hollywood Blvd (just west of Chinese Theatre)

    Billy Joel (2004 RC) 6233 Hollywood Blvd 

    Elton John (1975 RC) 6901 Hollywood Blvd

    Janis Joplin (2013 RC) 6752 Hollywood Blvd

    Bruce Lee (1993 MP) 6933 Hollywood Blvd (Hollywood & Highland, near Orange)

    John Lennon (1988 RC) 1750 N Vine St (Capitol Records)

    Jay Leno (2000 TV) 6780 Hollywood Blvd

    Jennifer Lopez (2013 RC) 6262 Hollywood Blvd

    Jane Lynch (2013 TV) 6640  Hollywood Blvd

    Dean Martin (1960 MP) 6519 Hollywood Blvd

    The Munchkins (2007 MP) 6915 Hollywood Blvd (Chinese Theatre)

    The Muppets (2012 MP) 6834 Hollywood Blvd (Dolby Theatre)

    Paul McCartney (2012 RC) 1750 N Vine St (Capitol Records)

    Matthew McConaughey (2014 MP) 6931 Hollywood Blvd

    Marilyn Monroe (1960 MP) 6774 Hollywood Blvd (near Guinness World Records)

    Leonard Nimoy (1985 MP) 6651 Hollywood Blvd

    Jim Parsons (2015 TV) 6533 Hollywood Blvd

    Dolly Parton (1984 RC) 6712 Hollywood Blvd

    Mary Pickford (1960 MP) 6280 Hollywood Blvd

    Sidney Poitier (1994 MP) 7065 Hollywood Blvd (north side between El Centro and Sycamore)

    Ronald Reagan (1960 TV)  6374 Hollywood Blvd

    Arnold Schwarzenegger (1987 MP) 6764 Hollywood Blvd

    Tavis Smiley (2014 TV) 6270 Hollywood Blvd

    Rick Springfield (2014 RC) 7060 Hollywood Blvd

    Ringo Starr (2010 RC) 1750 N Vine St (Capitol Records)

    Elizabeth Taylor (1960 MP) 6336 Hollywood Blvd

    Thalia (2013 RC) 6262 Hollywood Blvd

    Rudolph Valentino (1960 MP) 6164 Hollywood Blvd

    Betty White (1960 TV) 6747 Hollywood Blvd

    Pharrell Williams (2014 RC) 6270 Hollywood Blvd

    Reese Witherspoon (2010 MP) 6262 Hollywood Blvd

    For a block by block list of stars, check out Seeing-stars.com

    To look up individuals not on this list, visit www.walkoffame.com/starfinder.

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    Who Has Multiple Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Gene Autry's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
    Photo © 2015 Kayte Deioma, licensed to About.com

    There are a number of people who have received multiple stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for activity in more than one entertainment arena. Just because I get obsessed with random details, I wanted to figure out who got what, so here are all the people who have multiple stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I might have missed a few, because it's not all that easy to extrapolate from the list of Star Recipients, but I've come up with 219 total duplicate stars.

    Five Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Gene Autry is the only performer to receive stars in all five categories, Motion Pictures, Television, Recording, Radio and Live Performance. He was the only person to get a star in all four original categories in the first batch of stars in 1960. He received his 5th star for Live Performance in 1987, three years after the new category was created.

    Five Stars Too

    Mickey Rooney received three stars in 1960 and a 4th in 1984, the first year Live Performance was introduced. He actually has a 5th star with his wife Jan, which they received in 2004 for Live Performance as a duo. He does not have a star for recording.

    Four Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Tony Martin received all four of his stars in 1960, before Live Performance was a category. Bob Hope received his first three stars in 1960 and was the last person to get a 4th star in 1993 for Live Performance. Bob Hope is also missing the star for Recording. 

    Three Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    1. Bud Abbott
    2. Jack Benny
    3. Edgar Bergen
    4. George Burns
    5. Eddie Cantor
    6. Perry Como
    7. Lou Costello
    8. Bing Crosby
    9. Nelson Eddy
    10. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
    11. Tennessee Ernie Ford
    12. Jane Froman
    13. Arthur Godfrey
    14. Al Jolson
    15. Danny Kaye
    16. Sammy Kaye
    17. Guy Lombardo
    18. Dean Martin
    19. Dick Powell
    20. Basil Rathbone
    21. Roy Rogers
    22. Charles Ruggles
    23. Frank Sinatra
    24. Fred Waring
    25. Marie Wilson
    26. Ed Wynn
    27. Robert Young

    Two Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    1. Fred Allen
    2.  Steve Allen
    3.  Don Ameche
    4.  Eve Arden
    5.  Desi Arnaz
    6.  Lew Ayres
    7.  Jack Bailey
    8.  Lucille Ball
    9.  Lynn Bari
    10.  William Bendix
    11.  Milton Berle
    12.  Charles Bickford
    13.  Ray Bolger
    14.  Pat Boone
    15.  George Brent
    16.  Eddie Bracken
    17.  Fanny Brice
    18.  Vanessa Brown
    19.  Spring Byington
    20.  Rory Calhoun
    21.  Judy Canova
    22.  Leo Carrillo
    23.  Jack Carson
    24.  Ilka Chase
    25. Nat King Cole
    26.  Ronald Colman
    27.  Broderick Crawford
    28.  Bob Crosby
    29.  Xavier Cugat
    30.  Cass Daley
    31.  Bette Davis
    32.  Joan Davis
    33.  Dennis Day
    34.  Doris Day
    35.  Yvonne De Carlo
    36.  Cecille B. DeMille
    37.  Andy DeVine
    38.  Walt Disney
    39.  Paul Douglass
    40.  James Dunn
    41.  Jimmy Durante
    42.  Ralph Edwards
    43.  Faye Emerson
    44.  Dale Evans
    45.  Geraldine Farrar
    46.  Frank Fay
    47.  W. C Fields
    48.  Eddie Fisher
    49.  Barry Fitzgerald
    50.  Red Foley
    51.  Arlene Francis
    52.  Nina Foch
    53.  Betty Fruness
    54.  Ed Gardner
    55.  Judy Garland
    56.  Dave Garroway
    57.  Jackie Gleason
    58.  Jon Hall
    59.  Ann Harding
    60.  Cedric Hardwick
    61.  Phil Harris
    62.  Rex Harrison
    63.  June Havoc
    64.  George Gabby Hayes
    65.  Helen Hayes
    66.  Dick Haymes
    67.  Louis Hayward
    68.  Horace Heidt
    69.  Van Hefflin
    70.  Paul Henreid
    71.  Jen Hersholt
    72.  Alfred Hitchcock
    73.  Celeste Holm
    74.  Miriam Hopkins
    75.  Lena Horne
    76.  Warren Hull
    77.  Kim Hunter
    78.  Spike Jones
    79.  Louis Jordan
    80.  Boris Karloff
    81.  Buster Keaton
    82.  Otto Kruger
    83.  Kay Kyser
    84.  Frankie Laine
    85.  Dorothy Lamour
    86.  Frances Langford
    87.  Angela Landsbury
    88.  Mario Lanza
    89.  Jerry Lewis
    90.  Liberace
    91.  Gene Lockhart
    92.  June Lockhart
    93.  Edmund Lowe
    94.  Ida Lupino
    95.  Diana Lynn
    96.  Jeanette MacDonald
    97.  Guy Madison
    98.  Hal March
    99.  Mary Martin
    100.  Groucho Marx
    101.  Raymond Massey
    102.  Mercedes McCambridge
    103.  Joel McCrea
    104.  Hattie McDaniel
    105.  James Melton
    106.  Ethel Merman
    107.  Ray Milland
    108.  Thomas Mitchell
    109.  Vaughn Monroe
    110.  Robert Montgomery
    111.  Gary Moore
    112.  Conrad Nagel
    113.  John Nesbitt
    114.  David Niven
    115.  Edmond O'Bien
    116.  Margaret O'Brien
    117.  Pat O'Brien
    118.  Donald O'Connor
    119.  Louella Parsons
    120.  John Payne
    121.  Harold Peary
    122.  Anthony Perkins
    123.  Vincent Price
    124.  George Raft
    125.  Martha Raye
    126.  Gene Raymond
    127.  Irene Rich
    128.  Will Rogers
    129.  Cesar Romero
    130.  Ann Rutherford
    131.  Eva Marie Saint
    132.  George Sanders
    133.  Dinah Shore
    134.  Penny Singleton
    135.  Red Skelton
    136.  Kate Smith
    137.  Ann Sothern
    138.  Jo Stafford
    139.  Gale Storm
    140.  Gloria Swanson
    141.  Kent Taylor
    142.  Lowell Thomas
    143.  Arturo Tuscanini
    144.  Lurene Tuttle
    145.  Vera Vague
    146.  Jack Webb
    147.  Orson Welles
    148.  Paul Whiteman
    149.  Walter Winchell
    150.  Teresa Wright
    151.  Jane Wyman
    152.  Loretta Young
    153.  Roland Young