Hohokam Stadium Seating Chart for Oakland A's

Courtesy Oakland Athletics, used with permission.

Hohokam Stadium in Mesa, Arizona was the Spring Training home of the Chicago Cubs through 2013. Beginning in 2014 the Chicago Cubs moved to a new stadium in Mesa for Cactus League baseball, Sloan Park. Looking for the seating chart for the Chicago Cubs? Sloan Park/Chicago Cubs seating.

In 2015 the Oakland Athletics moved to a renovated Hohokam Stadium from Phoenix Municipal Stadium. Phoenix Municipal Stadium (Phoenix Muni) is now used for Arizona State University Baseball.

Use this stadium seating chart to determine where your seats will be at Hohokam Stadium. Read Hohokam Stadium tips that include information about berm, bleachers and standing room before you buy your tickets.

Hohokam Stadium is located in Mesa, about four miles east of Sloan Park. Check the map to see where all ten Cactus League stadiums are located. Hohokam Stadium is NOT accessible by Valley Metro light rail. You may, however, be able to use the free shuttle to the games if you want to avoid trying to park at the stadium.  

Hohokam Seating Chart

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