4 Hobbit-Inspired Vacation Homes You Can Rent

Does your family love J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit? Here's a list of real-life “hobbit houses" on HomeAway.com where families can actually spend the night.

HomeAway is the world’s leading vacation rental marketplace with more than one million listings, including offbeat properties like these.

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Hobbit House in Thompson Falls, MT


From $295 a night. No minimum stay. Sleeps 3. 
Deep in the "Shire of Montana," this fairytale house was built to bring The Lord of the Rings to life and includes a surrounding village with a nighttime light display, a cavalcade of mushrooms lining Hobbit Lane and a lighted mural of a Hobbit Village. 

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Wee Cottage in Charlevoix, MI


From $125 a night. Minimum stay is 6 nights. Sleeps 6. 
Architect Earl Young created a magical world with his unique and eccentric stone cottage that could have sprung from J.R.R. Tolkien's imagination. It is a home that seems as if it could be a neighbor to Bilbo Baggins' hobbit hole. 

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Hobbit Home in Santa Fe, NM


From $275 a night. Minimum stay is 3-4 nights. Sleeps 6. Known as Santa Fe might be the last place you'd think to find a Hobbit-themed home but the southwestern bungalow known as the "Luxury Santa Fe hobbit house" features shire-inspired murals and whimsical décor. 

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Round-Door Cottage in Carbondale, IL


From $147 a night. Minimum stay is 2 nights. Sleeps 2. 
What better place to evoke Tolkien's spirit than this elfin cabin in the Shawnee Hills with its round door and earthen roof? It only sleeps two adults, yet it could be a perfect hideaway for a parent and child or two soon-to-be parents on a babymoon.

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