12 Historical Photos of Summer in New Jersey

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The Jersey Shore, circa 1950s

1950s Jersey Shore
H. Armstrong Roberts / Getty Images

Who doesn't love a good historical photo? We've nabbed some snaps of New Jerseyans summering over the past 100 years. Here, folks relax under umbrellas on the Jersey Shore.

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Atlantic City, 1957

1957 Atlantic City
Lambert / Getty Images

An birds-eye view of a crowded beach in Atlantic City in 1957. Green and red umbrellas and attire seemed to be a trend that summer.

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Atlantic City, 1920s

Atlantic City
H. Armstrong Roberts / Getty Images

A man and two women pose in bathing suites in front of a boat in Atlantic City. Fashion was a bit different back then, hm?

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New Jersey Turnpike, 1950s

NJ Turnpike
SuperStock / Getty Images

Oh, the turnpike. How many family road trips do you think passed through this toll plaza?

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Cabanas at the Shelburne Hotel, 1950s

Shelburn Hotel
SuperStock / Getty Images

The Shelburne was was built in 1869 at Michigan Avenue and the Boardwalk in Atlantic City and is on the register of National Historic Places. The hotel was once a celebrity hotspot, but today the property is just the home to the Bally's casino.

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Palisades Park, 1960s

Palisades Park
SuperStock / Getty Images

Once located atop the Palisades in what is now Cliffside Park and Fort Lee, this 30-acre amusement park opened in 1898 and closed in 1971.

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Selling cider at the roadside, circa 1920s

Roadside cider stand
Keystone View/FPG/Getty Images

A man sells cider at a roadside cider mill on the Lincoln Highway (between Philadelphia and Trenton). This is kind of like those roadside espresso stands on the West Coast... or drive through liquor stores in the South.

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Miss America traffic ticket discussion, 1923

Miss America Pageant
Underwood Archives/Getty Images

This looks stressful: two contestants in the annual Miss America beauty pageant in Atlantic City "discuss a traffic ticket" (according to the photo metadata, anyway).

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Ocean City, 1950s

1950s teen couple
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images

A young couple on a bike ride in Ocean City, NJ. They are seen passing Seaside Baths, a very popular bathhouse in the 30s and 40s with 24 showers that beachgoers would frequent after long sticky and sandy days at the beach.

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Garden State Park, 1960s

Garden State Park
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images

Now a town center, Garden State Park was once a race track in Cherry Hill, NJ. Here, eleven horses and jockeys just out of the gate. This emanates vintage Meadowlands Race Track...

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Lucy the Elephant, Margate, 1907

Elephant Hotel
Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Lucy the Elephant is a National Historic Landmark. Built in 1881, the structure is 65 feet tall, 60 feet wide, and 18 feet deep. Lucy weighs 90+ tons and is comprised of almost one million pieces of wood. Today, you can still climb the spiral staircase inside her and up to the howdah for sweeping views of the shore. Hop on a guided tour to get the full historical scoop.

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Asbury Park, 1930s-40s

Asbury Park
George Marks / Getty Images

Old English Seafood stands among a lot full of vehicles.

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