5 Historic Monuments of Honduras

Each country you visit has a rich and unique history. There are tons of things that you can learn about from the past of different cultures that will change the way you see the world. It truly opens up your eyes. One of the best ways to learn about local history while you travel is visiting their most important monuments.

One of the countries I have been able to visit and learn from is Honduras. It has great weather, and my family and I have been there a couple of times and found many interesting places to visit where you can get an insight ​into the local culture and history. 

5 Historic Monuments to Visit in Honduras 

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The Ruins of Copan

Marina K. Villatoro

If you have done any research about places to visit in Central America you have probably read about this Mayan Archaeological site. Its buildings and stelae are very important to understanding the Mayan history and culture because of how well preserved they are. Every piece of art tells a story about this ancient culture.

You will find it in northern Honduras near the border with Guatemala. The ruins are also near a small colonial town that is a lot of fun to explore. 

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Santa Barbara Fortress - Trujillo

This one is actually a fortress and is located in the Trujillo town. It was built by Spaniards during the colonial days of the country in 1550. Its function was to protect the port and nearby coasts from raiders and pirates.

It was the scenario for several battles against pirates being one of the most famous the one from 1860 against William Walker. The fortress was declared National Historical Monument by the Honduran government in 1990.    

It isn’t a large place but makes a fun day trip if you are in the area. 

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San Fernando Fortress - Omoa

By: Infrogmation | Flickr

Omoa was an indigenous town during the pre-Columbian times and in the XVI century it was abandoned. Years later it was founded again by spaniards with its current name and the fort was built to protect the nearby port and town from pirates and it became known as one of the most important defenses of all Central America during colonial times. 

It was declared a National historical Center in 1959 and is open for tours every day.  

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The Cayos Cochinos National Marine Monument

You will find this monument on the northern Caribbean coast of Honduras, 30km south of the bay islands. What makes this place so special is its biodiversity. It is home to over 66 species of animals that only live in coral reefs plus other common fish and shark species.

It is open to visitors all year long.

NOTE: There is a series of rules that you must follow in order to get here and be allowed to spend some time on it. These measures assure that each visitor leaves the least amount of impact during their visit. 

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The whole city is a monument due to its rich colonial style architecture. It was founded in 1537 and was the capital of the Honduran territory. From the time when independence happened and 1880 the capital alternated between Comayagua and Tegucigalpa.

It is a great place to explore for a couple of days. One of the things you can’t miss during your visit is the clock in the central square. It is the oldest one in the Americas. 

I know for sure that Honduras has tons of other monuments worth checking out. The ones mentioned above are only a few of the ones I know of. Have you been to Honduras? Which of these have you visited?

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