Highlands Louisville Neighborhood Profile

Getting to Know the Highlands

Often referred to as “The Strip” or “Restaurant Row,” the Highlands in Louisville is best known for its eclectic local shops, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. In fact, the three mile stretch of Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue that intersects the Highlands has the highest density of bars and restaurants in Louisville.

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Highlands Neighborhood History

The Highlands neighborhood in Louisville, KY
Michael Maupin

Though the Highlands is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Louisville, it was the last area near Downtown Louisville to be urbanized. Bardstown Road was a haven for the wealthy until around 1960, when most of the neighborhood’s original residents left for the suburbs. Businesses along the street closed their doors, and homes were abandoned and destroyed. However, in the 1980s, the area began to thrive again as local oddity shops and restaurants started moving in. By the 1990s, the Highlands was well on its way to becoming what it is today--the city’s main nightlife and upscale restaurant district.

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Highlands Boundaries

The Highlands’ boundaries extend from the intersection of Bardstown Road and Trevillian Way to the intersection of Baxter Avenue and Lexington Road, extending northeast to I-64 and southwest to Newburg Road, including the area located between Barret Avenue, Baxter Avenue, and Broadway.

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Highlands Demographics

The highest percentage of individuals in Louisville with higher-education degrees and above-average incomes call the Highlands home. The largest concentration of families live in the areas of the Highlands that are furthest from Downtown Louisville, and the largest concentration of young, single individuals and college students live in the areas closest to Downtown Louisville.

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Highlands Apartments and Real Estate

Houses furthest from downtown are generally sold as single-family homes, and houses closer to downtown are typically separated into apartments for rent. The Highlands covers a lot of land, there are neighborhood pockets within The Highlands. Ask around to find the area right for you.

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Highlands Louisville Picture Tour

Explore the Highlands, one of the city's most unique neighborhoods, through pictures of some of its biggest attractions, restaurants, and stores. The neighborhood has commercial areas bustling with activity and blocks and blocks of huge stately homes that are quiet and reserved.

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Top Highlands Restaurants

Many people consider the Highlands the best neighborhood in Louisville to head toward if you're going out for a nice dinner. While there are many chains and fast food joints along the Bardstown Road stretch, these Highlands restaurants are among the most popular and original.

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Highlands Louisville Nightlife

While many tourists head to downtown Louisville and the activities and events at Fourth Street Live!, locals head to the stretch of Bardstown Road that serves as the commercial district of The Highlands. Along Bardstown you will find bars, pubs, and clubs. There is live music, movie theaters and theatre events, all walking distance from each other.