High-Tech TOTO Toilets Give Luxury Hotel Bathrooms the Royal Flush


TOTO Toilets: Deluxe Hotel & Home Johns with a Built-In Spritzer & Dryer

If you've been to a luxury hotel lately, perhaps you've encountered a TOTO toilet in your suite's bathroom.
• If so, you know: TOTO is not your average porcelain throne
• These toilets are the last word in cleanliness: they wash your bottom and then dry it
• A TOTO toilet is not a bidet. It has a similar hygienic mission, but much is easier to use
• TOTO toilets are eco-conscious: they save paper and water, exceeding California's drought recommendations 
• TOTO makes the deluxe toilet found in some of the world's best true luxury hotels (more below)

We're Not on a Budget Anymore, Toto

TOTO toilets are the highest-profile product of TOTO, Ltd.
• This nearly 100-year-old Japanese company is the world's biggest manufacturer of bathroom fixtures
• The TOTO company is fond of saying

So How Do You Know It's a TOTO Toilet?

Lucky you if your hotel room's bathroom is equipped with a TOTO toilet and not an imitator. A TOTO toilet will be handsomely designed in the minimalist style and will feature:
• A customizable control panel that is like a TV remote
• A heated seat
• After you flush, a spray of warm, aerated water to clean and refresh your bottom
• Then a gust of warm air to dry you
• That's hygienically clean
• The toilet self-cleans itself, too

Are There Different Kinds of TOTO Toilets?

Yes. This top-tier toilet is available in two basic formats, each with numerous variations:
• As a toilet seat only, with a spray fixture (this is the TOTO Washlet model) 
• Or as a complete toilet (this is the TOTO Neorest model)

You Don't Need Toilet Paper with a TOTO

These johns are paperless.
• The job is done for you by a puff of warm air, like a hand-dryer but gentler. No more toilet paper!
• You can program the water spray and the air puff (direction, temperature, strength, duration)

TOTO Toilets Are the Best Seat in the House in Some of the World's Best Hotels

Dozens of the world's top luxury hotels offer TOTO Washlets and TOTO Neorests to their guests.

Many of these hotels are in Japan, such as Palace Hotel Tokyo.
But some are in the U.S., such as those below.

Las Vegas, Nevada:
• Aria Las Vegas
• Bellagio (TOTO is found in suites)
• Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas
• Mirage (in suites)
• Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace (in Luxury Suites)
• Palazzo Las Vegas
• Red Rock Casino Resort
• Vdara
• The Venetian Las Vegas
• The Mansion at MGM Grand

Los Angeles, California:
• Beverly Hills Hotel (in Presidential Bungalows)
• Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons  (in Presidential Suites)
• Hotel Bel-Air (in suites and in spa)
• Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel

San Luis Obispo, California:
• Madonna Inn

New York City:
• The Chatwal Hotel
• Four Seasons Hotel New York (in Presidential Suites)
• Hotel Kitano
• The Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park City
• W Times Square Hotel
• The J Hotel in nearby Greenwich, Connecticut

Some Restaurants Feature TOTO Toilets, Too

Quite a few high-end restaurants worldwide offer TOTO Washlets in their restrooms.
• These eateries are mostly, but not all, Japanese restaurants
• Here's a list of TOTO-outfitted restaurants in the U.S.

Want a TOTO Toilet for Your Luxury Home?

First, let About's Bathroom Expert help you decide whether you need or would like a high-tech toilet like TOTO.

If you do, check out:
• TOTO's showrooms in the US and Canada
• "Clean Is happy": TOTO's philosophy and company legacy
• And NEOREST integrated toilet