The Best High School Field Trip Ideas

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High school field trips can give young adults a glimpse into possible careers. Of course, some are a great way for students to just blow off some steam and have fun. Plan your next outing with the best high school field trip ideas for students.

College Campus

College campus tours don't have to be limited to a weekend with the parents. Professors can talk about their departments and high school students can take a look at the facilities, such as the computer labs, science labs and the bookstore. If you want to visit a certain department, such as biology, contact the dean of that department directly. If you want a general tour, contact the college's visitors center to schedule an appointment for your group.

Government Offices

There are so many government offices for students to tour and learn about the city government. They can visit the mayor's office, maintenance departments, city hall, parks and recreation department, election department and more. Call the department you want to visit directly to schedule a tour.


High school students touring a hospital can see the behind-the-scenes operations that make doctors and nurses work hard to save lives. This experience can encourage students to volunteer at the hospital or maybe even become a doctor or nurse themselves. Contact the hospital's main number to request a tour.


So much work goes into a successful restaurant. For high schoolers, their field trip can show them the many types of jobs a restaurant has to offer. This sneak peek will show many of them what to expect if they want to work in the restaurant industry during high school or even college. Contact any restaurant's manager to set up your field trip.


Students can gain a wealth of knowledge by visiting all sorts of museums. Art, natural history, technology and science museums are just a few types of museums to visit for your field trip. The museum director can schedule your group for a behind-the-scenes tour.

Sporting Events

Even high schoolers who aren't sports fans will love going with their friends to any sporting event just to spend time away from school. It's a great end-of-the-year reward for students. Call the box office to schedule group tours to see how the staff prepare for games and make game day run smoothly.

Amusement Park

High school students always have fun at amusement parks. Arrange a school tour to give students a behind-the-scenes look at how the park operates.

TV Station

A television station is a great place to get students interested in jobs in journalism. Many stations have internships for high school students so a field trip can open up an opportunity for some of the lucky students who want to pursue a career in television. On-air talent is also willing to talk to your group and answer questions. Call the program director to set up a tour.

Radio Station

A radio station is another great place for high school students to tour because of the internship opportunities. Contact the radio station's program director and tell him you're interested in a tour.


Visiting a newspaper is interesting to high school students because they can see all of the work that goes into each edition. But it's also a good way for the budding photographers and reporters to catch a glimpse of a typical day working at a newspaper. Call the city editor to arrange a private tour.


The planetarium gives students a place to roam around freely. But you can schedule private viewings for your field trip and you'll also want to ask about nights when certain planets and stars are supposed to be viewable. Contact the planetarium's head office for more information.


You don't have to live in New York to treat high school students to a play. Thespian clubs and college campuses often put on plays at the local playhouses. Contact the box office for advance ticket purchases and let them know if you plan on bringing a large group for a volume discount.

Local Businesses

Local businesses are a great place for high schoolers to learn about various types of companies and how they make money selling products and services. Students can visit many types of local businesses to see how differently one company is run from the next. Choose small companies in your area as well as larger companies to expose high school students to a variety of business ventures. Contact the business manager to set up a tour.

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