Time For Cocktails On The High Roller Happy Hour in Las Vegas

The Best Deal On Drinks In Las Vegas

High Roller Happy Hour Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

“30 minutes are all you need to get your money’s worth of drinking,” the well-hydrated woman with the tight dress and large hair explained to me as we rode the High Roller Happy Hour Pod at LINQ Las Vegas, “Yesterday we had 5 drinks each at a bar and the bill for each of us with tip was $85, today we already had seven, if you include the shots.”  She took a long, focused look at her screen on her phone and then a sip of her very strong cocktail and looked back at me and smiled.

“We still have 7 minutes left. At least another shot and one drink to go.” I smiled back not sure if she was being friendly or if I still had some magic and she was trying to pick me up. Could she tell that I was the kind of guy who loves a woman who loves a good deal? (Full Disclosure: I am married and my wife is the queen of great deals. She found me, I’m cheap)

The High Roller Happy Hour at the LINQ gives you two great deals in one. You set off on a ride on the large observation wheel that dominates the Las Vegas skyline to enjoy the view and you get a great deal on adult beverages. Yes, they do have soft drinks but I would not recommend getting on the High Roller pod with bar service just to have unlimited servings of your favorite soft drinks, I think you would be overpaying.

TIP: While talking to a number of people both on and off the High Roller I realized a lot of people are taking advantage of internet deals for the cost of the ticket. Groupon and TravelZoo seem to be good bets for finding discount tickets. Apparently, as low as $29 per person.

Yoga on the High Roller, yeah they offer it.

The Cocktails On The High Roller Happy Hour

My good friend and fellow travel writer walked over and handed me a Gin and Tonic. The bartender can make most well drinks but the complicated cocktails of the fancy bar scene are absent from the High Roller Happy Hour. It’s understandable as there is only so much room for his cocktail cart for ingredients, liquor, mixers, and beers. “Gin and Tonic, with a splash of Tonic.” My buddy tells me this like he is proud of the idea of getting a drink that is predominately alcohol. Sure we were researching the experience but did we really have to check on just how much of a stiff drink we could order?

Well, I guess so, so if you need to know, the bartender will serve you a very stiff drink if that is what you desire.

When I ask the bartender for a Hemingway Gin and Tonic (I'd rather have a Hemingway Daiquiri) he obliges but he warns me that if I want an impressive cocktail to feel free to stop by the bar at the base of the giant observation wheel. The bartenders on the High Roller Happy Hour takes shifts and they are mixing drinks in the bar for a portion of their shifts and then mixing them on the wheel for the other part of their shift.  So, yes you get real bartenders who can put together a great cocktail if given the right ingredients.

After my 30 minute experience and my half a cocktail the lovely woman who had approached me to give me her drink update said, “You know your friend is right. You need a splash of tonic. It’s Vegas! You can be a little bad here.” She walked off the High Roller with her friends and was about as happy as I have ever seen anyone on the Las Vegas strip.

This might be the best deal on drinks in Las Vegas. However, you do have to be a speed drinker.

Beers are available and the weekday crowds on the pods with cocktail carts are sparse so the bartender spends a lot of time waiting for you to finish a drink as opposed to you waiting to get your fill. The experience lasts 30 minutes and it really is an open bar.

High Roller Happy Hour at the LINQ

Happy Half Hour cabins roll daily from 4 pm to 1 am, Monday- Thursday and from NOON-1am Friday-Sunday. Must be 21 or older to ride in a Happy Half Hour cabin.

Online prices:

Daytime $35
Night $47
Prices at the Box Office start at $40

TIP: Utilize the online ticket portal and you will save money on your ticket. 

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