High Roller at The LINQ Las Vegas

550 ft in the Air Catch A Glimpse of Las Vegas

 Justin Ennis (CC BY 2.0) / Flickr

Grab a camera. Grab a drink. Wait for sunset. Block off 30 minutes of your day.

It is pretty simple to do, you walk over to the LINQ Las Vegas and buy ticket for a ride on the High Roller and then you go through the memory on your camera. You fill the SD card on your phone and then continue to look out on to the view that is the Las Vegas strip and the Las Vegas valley.

The High Roller is currently the tallest observation Wheel in the world and from the top it sure does feel like it. It is not shaky or precarious. On the contrary it is so solid it feels almost as if the earth is revolving around you. It gently moves around its centerpiece but the movement is so slow that you might even forget you are moving if not for the changing scenery around you. The windows are wide and the lights grow brighter and your field of vision widens.

Go up 500+feet above the Las Vegas strip in a pod that is designed to hold 40 people and you’ll experience an attraction in Las Vegas that is neither thrill ride nor performance piece. It is simply a way to appreciate engineering and beauty in one spot.

Do you want a different type of Las Vegas experience on the High Roller? Try Yoga on the High Roller or just settle for Happy Hour on the High Roller.

Location: LINQ Las Vegas
(located between Flamingo Las Vegas and The Quad, across the street from Caesars Palace) 3454 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Contact: 866.328.1888

Hours: Open daily 12pm to 2am

Cost: From $19.99. Day tickets are slightly less expensive than night tickets and group and family prices are also available.

What to Expect at High Roller Las Vegas?
You’ll most likely be in a cabin with a few other people although unless it is extremely busy you will not be inside with more than 20 other people. Don’t worry, there is plenty of space and everyone is busy looking out the window so you will not have any awkward eye contact with strangers unless that is what you are attempting to achieve. One full revolution of the High Roller Las Vegas takes 30 minutes so be sure to use the facilities before you board and if you think you cannot go without a drink for the duration of the ride you might want to buy yourself a cocktail beforehand. TIP: Try to board the High Roller right before sunset as the colors that gradually transform the Las Vegas strip from day to night are the best at that moment.

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