High Peaks Resort in Lake Placid, NY

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Family Lodging in Lake Placid

High Peaks Resort Family Lodging in Lake Placid
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Head to the Adirondacks for Fall Foliage and Olympic-Size Fun

I was about 10 in 1979 when my family visited Lake Placid, New York, for the first time: We had a blast! The village was in the midst of preparations for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games--the second Olympics hosted in the picturesque Adirondacks--and the excitement was so palpable, I've been hooked on the Olympics since.

My daughter was about 10 when we took her to Lake Placid for the first time on a mid-September weekend in 2012, and we had a blast! We stayed at High Peaks Resort, which is wonderfully situated on and across from Mirror Lake just steps from Lake Placid Village shops, attractions and restaurants. High Peaks Resort offers two main buildings, plus the Lake House (formerly Lakeview Motor Inn) for travelers looking for more affordable lodging with all of the resort's amenities.

In this review and photo tour, I'll show you the resort and share some of the best things to do on a visit to Lake Placid. In the fall, sporty families will love all of the outdoor adventures nearby, from scenic gondola rides to hikes to excursions on the lake. And in winter, Lake Placid really comes alive with Olympic-class skiing at Whiteface Mountain, bobsled rides and ice skating inside a famous arena. If you were enthralled by the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, this year is an ideal time to visit Olympic venues where magic--and even a miracle--unfolded in Lake Placid when the Games came to town in 1980 and 1932. Lake Placid will inspire your kids to pursue their own dreams and should be on your "places to visit before they grow up" list if you live in the Northeast... or even far beyond.

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Decor Details

High Peaks Resort Bathroom
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The Best Amenity

High Peaks Resort Water View Room Lake Placid
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Indoor Pool

High Peaks Resort Indoor Pool Photo
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Breakfast at Dancing Bears

Breakfast at Dancing Bears Restaurant High Peaks Resort Lake Placid
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Free Paddle Boats and Kayaks

Free Paddle Boats and Kayaks in Lake Placid at High Peaks Resort
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Lake Placid Olympic Spirit

Lake Placid Olympic Spirit Medal Podium
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Lake Placid Ski Jump

Lake Placid Ski Jump Complex Photo
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A Ski Jumper's View

View from Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jump
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Peak Experience

Whiteface Mountain Summit
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There's Lake Placid

Lake Placid Aerial Photo
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Whiteface Castle

Whiteface Castle
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Bobsled Simulator

Lake Placid Bobsled Simulator
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Miracle on Ice

Lake Placid Ice Hockey Rink
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