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Everything You Need to Know About Taking a Vacation without Your Clothes

The Calm Before The Storm
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Chris Santilli has visited Hedonism II resort in Jamaica 34 times and written the highly entertaining The Naked Truth About Hedonism II.

In the book she uncloaks myths about this infamous nude resort. Chris recently gave this exclusive interview.

What kind of people go to Hedonism?

All types -- doctors and lawyers, musicians and artists, secretaries and truck drivers, moms and retirees. Guests are mostly white with 10 percent or so other races. The staff is primarily Black Jamaican. Most guests hail from the United States.

At least half the guests are couples. Men outnumber women by at least 2 to 1. Some weeks the ratio seems more like 8 to 1. The average age is early 40s, with the mid-range 30 to 55. But it’s the attitude — not the look, age, or income of the person — that makes a difference in whether fun is had at Hedo.

What kind of people should not go to Hedonism?

Don’t go to Hedo if you can’t tolerate seeing naked people in public... find sex, booger, and fart jokes offensive... would be appalled to see someone having sex in public... accept not being asked to join in to the public sex.

If you are a couple, can you tolerate your spouse talking to a naked person of the opposite sex when you are not around? More importantly, can you tolerate your spouse possibly being hit on?

Will I feel self-conscious if I go to Hedonism II?

Depends on your personality. You don’t have to be naked at Hedonism II — two-thirds of the resort isn’t nude. No one is looking at you because they are too worried about themselves.

What are accommodations like at Hedonism II?

Rooms are fairly Spartan but clean and have the essentials: a king-sized bed, mirrors on the ceiling, soap, shampoo, towels, iron and ironing board (few use them), and blow dryer. 

What are the beaches like at Hedonism II?

Hedonism II’s beach is long and sufficiently wide with lots of areas for sun and shade (many trees dot the beach). The sand is coarse because the beach is artificial. It was added to the end of the famous seven-mile Negril beach in the 1970s.

What is the food like at Hedonism II?

Food quality varies but something is always edible and sometimes excellent. Hedonism II has a Japanese-style restaurant called Munasan, an Italian restaurant called Pastafari, and a Jamaican restaurant called Scotch Bonnet in addition to a huge buffet open-air dining room.

Have you attended weddings at Hedonism? If so, what are they like?

Weddings at Hedo are open for all to watch, whether naked or clothed. The bridal party and minister is always dressed at Hedonism II. Guests don’t have to be dressed on the nude beach but some ornament themselves to be festive.

Ceremonies are short and a small reception is held in the piano bar game room. The resort supplies champagne and cake. Weddings are no longer free, but they are still reasonable and the resort staff goes out of their way to ensure the day is special.

Can Hedonism II help a couple's sex life?

I think so! The resort is quite inspiring for many folks — including singles and both monogamous and swinger couples. Tons of couples find Hedo recharges their sex life not only because being on a lazy vacation helps, but all around you are folks who are feeling frisky with their spouses too. It’s in the air.

Why would newlyweds want to go to a clothing-optional resort? What are the advantages of going on a naked honeymoon?

Being naked heightens sensuality for newlyweds. Plus, sheer physical comfort is found by being nude. Preparation for hitting the nude beach is quick: Just check your butt for T.P. balls and hit the beach.

To adjust to being naked with or without an adult beverage, know that sunlight feels good on your genitals. And think about the smooth roundness of your fat without the indent of a swimsuit’s elastic emphasizing its mush. Birthday suits also dry faster than textile ones. You can pack lighter too —fewer clothes to bring.

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Is vacation nudity a growing trend?

Participation in nudism is growing by 20% a year, according to a survey of the travel industry, making it the fastest growing sector. For information about nude recreation, contact The Naturist Society or the American Association of Nude Recreation. TNS has 27,000 members and AANR has almost 50,000 members. Neither supports Hedonism II because the resort is not family-oriented. But membership helps pay for lobbyists to keep nude recreation legal in the United States, among other benefits.

What should I pack for a week at a nudist resort?

Hedonism II is not a nudist resort. It’s a resort that has nude areas. You do dress for meals off the beach — but that outfit could be mesh or a thong. Hedonism II offers an opportunity to wear all those outfits you don’t dare to wear at home. Your toys will likely take up more room in your luggage than your clothes. Many women find they bring more shoes than the number of days of their trip!

Did you witness group sex or orgies at Hedonism II?

I’ve seen them, but I’d say that most folks haven’t. Most people will witness at least oral sex going on, but actual groups are usually closed-door or occasionally late-night in the nude hot tub. The last three weeks of January, mid-October, and over the Fourth of July are when a high percentage of guests are Lifestylers (swingers) so you’ll see more outdoor sex.

What is your Naked Truth Tour?

The Naked Truth Tour (the week before the U.S. Thanksgiving) is me on the beach adding to the festivities with my version of aqua aerobics, games, and events that the hotel doesn’t have, such as this year’s penis piñata, Jello shots, frozen t-shirt game, and drag & tramp dress-up night. You can sign up by emailing goclassy@goclassy.com.

Thanks for your time. Is there anything you’d like to add?

You can read an excerpt of the book, order it, enter a monthly drawing for a free book, and see reader reviews at Wordcrafting.

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