HAZE Nightclub Las Vegas at Aria Resort (CLOSED)

Prepare Yourself For A Long Night Of Dancing At HAZE Las Vegas

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This nightclub is closed and has been replaced with Jewel Nightclub

Sensory overload, dancing till dawn and the very latest in Las Vegas nightlife all in one place at Haze Las Vegas at Aria Resort.

Location: Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas:
CityCenter Las Vegas
3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Contact HAZE Las Vegas at Aria Resort at CityCenter: (702) 693-8300

HAZE Las Vegas at Aria Resort at CityCenter :
Haze at Aria Las Vegas is a journey into a nightlife spectacle that works on your perception and your imagery. Have a few too many drinks and I am positive that the lights will make you sick or at least ask to be escorted outside. The latest nightclub technology has been utilized and you will be entranced by the sights and sounds of Haze Las Vegas.

Hours at HAZE Las Vegas at Aria Resort at CityCenter: Thu, Fri & Sat: 10:30pm - 4am

Reservations for HAZE Las Vegas at Aria Resort at CityCenter:
Table Reservations call (702) 693-8300
Haze Las Vegas Reservations

Need a VIP Host at Haze Las Vegas?

Dress Code at HAZE Las Vegas at Aria Resort at CityCenter: It’s a Las Vegas nightclub so you’ll have to retire the worn t-shirt if you are planning on meeting any ladies. Women, well, you know the idea, dress as if you are looking to get free drinks or dress as if you want to tempt the three intellectuals in the entire club. Either way women will look hot so guys make sure to dress as if you are trying to make a good impression at Haze Las Vegas.

What it's like at HAZE Las Vegas at Aria Resort at CityCenter:
While it’s a nightclub like plenty in Las Vegas the difference might be the use of lights, lasers, screens and sound to create a full blown sensory adventure in Las Vegas nightlife. From the dance floor look around and you’ll be amazed at just how much seems to be happening all around you. Walk upstairs and look down on the crowd and you get a sense for the energy that is pumped into the place with the props and digital imagery. The VIP areas surrounding the club are a cross between the ultra lounge and the regular Club experience in Las Vegas.

The VIP areas are fine however it felt like some tables lacked the exclusive feeling you should get for 350 per bottle. If you think you need space to spread out make sure to ask for a table that gives you the VIP experience.

Suggestions for HAZE Las Vegas at Aria Resort at CityCenter: If you meet a nice girl or guy take them outside and have them look at Jenny Holzer’s “Vegas” It’s the art installation right outside the large windows on the nightclub level of Aria. If you meet a regular clubgoer, dance right in the center of the dance floor and take in the show that is going on around you. It’s impressive.

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