You Can Now Redeem Your Airline Miles for a COVID-19 Test

Hawaiian Airlines now offers an at-home testing kit for 14,000 HawaiianMiles

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There are many useful or interesting things one can use their frequent flyer miles on, other than purchasing flights, though some are more useful than others and not always necessarily worth it. (One of the best redemptions: A bottle of Dom Perignon, purchased with Delta Air Lines SkyMiles at one of the airline's lounges—just in case the house sparkling wine isn't good enough for you.)

Now, Hawaiian Airlines, along with its COVID-19 testing partner Vault Health, is offering an at-home COVID-19 testing kit for the low price of $119, or, if you’d prefer, 14,000 HawaiianMiles. (A negative test, taken within 72 hours pre-arrival to Hawaii, can be presented to avoid a mandatory 14-day quarantine.)

The test is self-administered at home, with instructions given over a Zoom call, and overnighted to the company's lab for processing.  Results are usually available the same day the test is received.  After that, you can upload your results to your State of Hawaii Safe Travels account and aloha!

"Our at-home supervised saliva COVID test provides a safe, convenient and reliable result delivered pre-travel," said Vault Health Founder and CEO Jason Feldman. "We are excited to work with Hawaiian Airlines, who continues to innovate on behalf of their customers, making travel easier and safer for everyone."

With negative tests becoming more and more necessary for travel, many airlines have begun making the testing process a bit easier. In April, Emirates introduced COVID-19 tests at the airport select flights. United is now offering free testing at their lounge in Newark for passengers traveling to London. American Airlines is offering rapid testing at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport administered by CareNow.

With many mileage experts valuing HawaiianMiles around a penny each, the test may not be a great redemption value overall. Still, if it gets you out of having to waste part of your trip in quarantine, it might be priceless.

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