Having a Drink in Las Vegas

Where To Get A Good Drink In Las Vegas

In Las Vegas all you need is a drink, some good conversation and you have the perfect way to start an evening. Each of these places is fairly casual if you just want to have a single drink and then move on. Delmonico will tempt you to sit around and have a meal and Vice Versa has a lot of small plates on their menu that require a look. Go ahead have another Scorpion at the Peppermill or think about tantalizing your taste buds with a Verbena at Chandelier.



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77 Places to Have a Drink in Las Vegas

Go ahead, have a few drinks at any of these 77 places that are sure to get your party started. The bars and lounges of Las Vegas vary from ultra luxury to supremely simple, find your stool and make a few ​friends at the bar. 

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Vice Versa at Vdara When You Need A Cocktail With Great Lounge

Cocktails at Vice Versa at Vdara Las Vegas
Photo by Zeke Quezada

The outdoor lounge at Vdara Hotel should be your place for a drink but indoors works just fine. Vice Versa is all about choices between good and evil. Which will you be? This lounge serves as an excellent meeting place for a pre-show or dinner drink. It is walking distance from Bellagio, Aria, and Cosmopolitan. 


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Bound At Cromwell Las Vegas Is A Classy Lounge For Cocktails

Cocktails at Bound at The Cromwell Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

If there is one place that demands you sit down with a drink and have a long conversation it is Bound at the Cromwell. The cocktails are crafted by mixologists that are attentive and talented and the space is both sexy and a bit of a throwback.

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Tempting and Tantalizing at Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan

Chandelier Bar At Cosmopolitan Verbena Flower Drink
Zeke Quezada

You can ask for their "flower drink" at Chandelier but why not just learn the real name of the cocktail that you have probably heard about time and time again. The Verbena is the taste bud tantalizer that will keep you thinking about cocktails for a very long time. Find level 1.5 and sample a few of their drinks that are meant to be "experienced."


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Cocktails With A View Of The Lake Of Dreams

Drinks on the patio at Parasol Down Las Vegas
Photo by Zeke Quezada

Simply find a seat on the patio and enjoy the sun while you sip on a cocktail and listen to the waterfall. It never feels like Las Vegas and it always begs for more than one drink. When the sun goes down the show starts and you'll have a front-row seat for the free entertainment. 


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A Scorpion at the Peppermill

If you can only visit one bar in Las Vegas do not waste your time in a Casino that has been taken over by corporate America. At the Peppermill the evening gown clad servers will transport you to an era when being cool had absolutely nothing to do with baggy pants and caps worn sideways. Order a Scorpion, the signature drink, and sit back in the deep booths. Vegas Baby!

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A Great Bottle of Red at Delmonico at the Venetian Hotel or A Lot Of Whiskey

Delmonico at the Venetian Hotel

Zeke Quezada

If you love wine you will enjoy the selections at Delmonico. The wine list here offers plenty of big Italian reds and a few classic Riojas. You'll be satisfied at Delmonico's, however, you might walk into the bar and never leave after you see their collection of whiskey.

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Vodka at Red Square at Mandalay Bay Hotel

Vodka at Red Square Inside Mandalay Bay Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Red Square can become one of your favorite places in Las Vegas. It is the atmosphere, the drinks, the patrons and the ice bar. Red Square draws you in with its decor and vibe and keeps you with its Vodka and friendly staff. The ice bar is the place for a cocktail but have a seat in the restaurant and you'll eat and drink. That cold room in the corner is perfect for sampling the good stuff that they have on the menu.

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A Beer at Nine Fine Irishmen

Photo Courtesy of MGM Mirage

Have a beer at an Irish bar in New York. What else would you expect from Las Vegas? The Irish lager, the Red Ale and a Guinness, of course. Three beers and a big hearty bowl of Irish Stew will get you going for the evening. Find a seat on the patio for the outdoor experience or listen to the live music inside if you feel like dancing. ​

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Carlos 'n Charlie's at Flamingo Las Vegas

Go ahead and order the huge margarita and do not even ask for the second straw. That is one big drink and you might need a little help walking after the "Big Mama." Chips, salsa, ceviche and plenty of action can be found on the back patio.