Haunted Places of Albuquerque

Albuquerque historian Mo Palmer says that a typical Albuquerque ghost is alone, appears only to one person at a time, and is somehow related to the building where it appears. She believes its soul is restless and hasn't moved on, so it haunts a place.

Here are some of the more famous haunted places found in Albuquerque. To find out more about our city's haunted places, take a haunted tour with Tours of Old Town or Albuquerque Trolley Co.

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    Whittlesey House in Albuquerque home of the Albuquerque Press Club

    Camerafiend/Wikimedia Commons/ CC BY-SA 4.0 

    Designed and built by architect Charles F. Whittlesey in 1903, the building has passed through many hands. At one time, some of its rooms were rented to people convalescing from nearby sanitariums. The Press Club is said to be haunted by a woman who appears at the bar in a black shawl who customers call Mrs. M. Some have heard high heels moving across the bar and lobby areas. The piano has been known to play on its own, and strange voices have been heard. The Press Club is found in Albuquerque's east downtown, or EDo.


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     The story of La Llorona, the weeping woman, keeps many away from the arroyos, or irrigation ditches, at night. The legend says a weeping, remorseful woman wanders the ditches in search of the children she drowned.

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    Bottger Mansion of Old Town in Albuquerque

    John Phelan/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 3.0 

     Built in 1910 and known as the pride of Old Town because of its modern conveniences. It was the first residence in Albuquerque to have gas lighting. The bed and breakfast of today was once a boarding house and saw guests that included Elvis Presley and Janis Joplin.

    The mansion is said to have more than one ghost. There is a sighing woman, a grandmother, the original owner Charles Bottger, and the Lover Ghost, who is said to get into the bed of women who sleep alone.

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    It's said that forces sometimes keep people from walking through doorways and halls and that they make a hissing sound. Voices, sobbing, and heartbeats can also supposedly be heard in this old building.

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    Church street Cafe

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    The restaurant in the heart of Old Town dates back to 1709 and was built as a residence for the Ruiz family. The last Ruiz to live in the building was Rufina Ruiz, who died in 1991 at the age of 91. The building became a restaurant in 1991, but Rufina's mother Sara, who was a curandera or healer, now haunts the restaurant. When renovations were underway to change the home to a restaurant, Sara yelled at restaurant owner Marie Coleman "Get him out of here, now!" when Coleman brought in a contractor. Employees still see Sara in a long black dress.

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    Haunted Hill

    This is a favorite place for hikers to park their cars before wandering into the foothills. Located at the end of Menaul Boulevard just beneath the Sandia Mountains, people say they hear screaming when there, along with footsteps and the sound of someone being dragged across the ground.

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    Hotel Andaluz

    Photo courtesy of Hotel Andaluz 

     Guests at the Hotel Andaluz have described being woken by a puff of wind in the face, and having their jewelry moved while sleeping. The hotel's ghosts like to occupy the second, fourth and seventh floors as well as the ballroom. The most famous ghost is that of a 1940s party girl in search of her room on the seventh floor. Another ghost is described as an elderly woman in a pink dress, wandering the fourth floor. 

    The hotel was built in 1939 by Conrad Hilton and is in the heart of downtown Albuquerque.

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    Kimo theater, Albuquerque New Mexico

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    The KiMo opened in 1927 and was a movie house for many years. In 1951, six-year-old Bobby Darnall was killed when the boiler exploded and destroyed part of the original lobby. Bobby is still seen playing on the lobby staircase in a striped shirt and jeans. 

    Actors using the KiMo as a theater appease Bobby by hanging donuts on the water pipe at the back wall of the stage. There is an altar there as well. Bobby is said to trip actors while they are onstage.

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    The long-running Old Town restaurant was built in 1706 and for many years was a home. It is said to be haunted by a little girl who died in what was once her bedroom. She is said to haunt the ladies room mirror, so don't go in if you're afraid of ghosts. Employees say they feel cold spots and a strange mist that isn't smoke.


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    The Luna Mansion restaurant

    Photo courtesy of The Luna Mansion 

    Inside the Los Lunas restaurant, there have been repeated sightings of the ghost of Josefita Otero, who once lived in the house. The resident ghost prefers the second-floor bedrooms and the stairway, but pots and pans are sometimes heard rattling in an empty kitchen.

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    Menaul School main office

    Photo courtesy of Menaul School

    Menaul School has many old buildings which are said to be haunted. One of its buildings, Old Brick, was once where the female boarding students were housed. It now contains classrooms for upper school students, but after hours, noises and footsteps can be heard. Boarding students above the historical library in the school's Bennett Hall claim a ghost walks the halls at night.

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    Old Bernalillo County Courthouse

    Old Bernalillo County Courthouse

    cmh2315f/Flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0

     A little girl with blonde braids and wearing a school uniform is said to haunt the old Courthouse, built in 1926. Lights also are said to come on and off and eerie cold spots make peoples' hair stand on end. Taped boxes have been found open with their contents scattered.

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    Albuquerque Old Town plaza courtyard

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    Old Town has a good number of haunted places besides the ones listed in this article. The High Noon Restaurant and Saloon, Casa Esencia and other places are said to be haunted. Take a tour with Tours of Old Town to discover other ghostly haunts.

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    Built in 1929 in the city's railroad district, the warehouse has more recently been used as a dinner theater. A ghost of a man in a black suit is said to haunt the backstage area and a table in the theater. Another ghost wearing a double breasted cream colored suit has been seen near the stage during performances. Employees have reported feeling a push from unseen hands as they go down the stairs, and something grabbing at their ankles. Sounds have been heard coming from the walls.