Haunted Places in Arizona

Haunted Hotels, Schools, Restaurants and More

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Do you believe in haunted houses? Do you believe that apparitions are real, and that ghosts still reside in homes and schools and hotels and in the desert? Here are some of the most famous stories of hauntings in Arizona. If you've ever met one of these ghosts or experienced a haunted place in Arizona, let me know about it!

Many of these haunted Arizona places can't be visited, since they are on private property. Please check first before you try to witness any ghostly happenings on your own.

Arizona Haunted Places: Greater Phoenix

From Phoenix Theatre
Did you know that Phoenix Theatre has been home to five very distinctive ghosts? Meet the ghosts of Phoenix Theatre:

Mr. Electrics: The first ghost is an old man. He can be seen sometimes sitting up on the "flies", the pipes that hold the lighting instruments. Late at night Mr. Electrics likes to show up to help the technicians.

Tiny Dancer: The second ghost was spotted during the 2005 run of A Chorus Line. She is delicate little ballerina. She was seen dancing around the stage in out of the Chorus Line dancers.

Light Board Lenny: Ghost number three is a little more mischievous. He spends most of his time in the lighting booth. In the past when a light-board or spot operator left the booth, he would lock them out.

Prop Master: Similarly ghost number four used to like to rattle around the prop room locking people both out and in.

Freddy: The last of the theatre ghosts is a little more mean spirited. He was an actor who was fired from a production and killed in a bicycle accident on his way home that evening. He still haunts the theatre's rooms upstairs, making noise and slamming doors.

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From The Hermosa Inn

In Scottsdale, at The Hermosa Inn, original owner Alonzo “Lon” Megargee was a real person (they named the restaurant after him) and now is just a friendly ghost. Ghost stories that have been reported from throughout the Inn include the following:

Closing the Door
Apparently Lon likes the doors shut. A maid actually quit after having doors shut on their own multiple times while she was cleaning the guest casitas.

A Pat on the Head
A guest came into the restaurant to show her friends some of Lon Megargee’s original artwork that hangs in Last Drop (the portion of the Hermosa Inn that was Lon’s original art studio and residence). The host showed them the way, walked in the other room, had his hands full and when he came back to the guests (still with both hands full) the woman was looking up in the air. Our host asked what she was looking at, or if the roof was leaking from the rainy day, and she said “No, you just patted me on the head.” He assured her that he did not, as his hands were full.

Cowboy in the Mirror
Yet another maid quit her job at The Hermosa Inn; this time due to the reflection of a cowboy that appeared in the mirror behind her. When she turned around, no one was there.

Lady in Pink
Multiple guests have asked “Who is that lady in the pink gown walking over the bridge by the pool?” While we don’t know who she might be, a lady in a floor-length flowing pink gown (something not of this time period) does appear to guests in the late hours of the night or early mornings as she walks across the bridge.

Lon Did It
Oftentimes candlesticks will somehow fall out of their candlestick holders and other objects seem to move on their own or be misplaced. Decorations on the host stand have been “pushed” off, and a host was talking to a guest at the bar when a bottle of tequila flew off the shelf and broke multiple glasses. The staff will often joke “Oh, Lon must have done that!”

Kids at Play
One of the restaurant’s evening dishwashers refuses to work alone at night because she has seen children of times past playing out in the parking lot upon leaving at 1 or 2 in the morning, in addition to seeing the Pink Lady mentioned above.

Spirits in the Cellar
When workers were doing construction in the underground wine cellar of LON’s, they had left various tools in disarray and went upstairs to get something. When they came back down, all their tools had been neatly placed in a row.

The Night Watchman
A reporter visiting from Germany asked about the night watchman we have on property upon checking out. He saw this “watchman” twice; once closing the doors of room 107 and once by the pool. There is, however, no night watchman employed at The Hermosa Inn and no one was staying in room 107 during their stay.

Sometimes, during the month of October, The Hermosa Inn will offer special packages that includes Ghost Tours.

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From Haunted Places
The Hotel San Carlos in downtown Phoenix is noted in many sources as a haunted building. Sounds of children's voices and banging doors relate back to two boys who were killed there when it was a school, and the woman who committed suicide years later when it was already a hotel.

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From Haunted Hotspots AZ
In Chandler you'll hear stories of Chandler High School,where, in the north wing of the oldest building, sightings and voices are still experienced.

In Glendale there's a Pizza Hut where faucets turn on and off on their own, and at Deer Valley High School a spirit named Dewy lives in the Auditorium.

In Mesa, there's a woman who still walks around the park where she was murderer, and there have been sightings of apparitions and voices heard at the Williams Air Force Base.

In Central Phoenix, a little girl was killed by a hit and run driver, and she does not rest.

She has been said to have been spotted crossing the street in various parts of downtown and central Phoenix.

At 51st Avenue and Indian School Road, there's an unhappy female ghost who screams as if getting hit by cars.

In Scottsdale's Saguaro High School a girl still haunts the bathroom where, before it was a high school, she was hanged for practicing witchcraft.

In Tempe at Casey Moore's Oyster House there apparently is a woman in the upstairs banquet room that didn't make a reservation.

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Arizona Haunted Places: Southern/Western Arizona

From DesertUSA
At the Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona, many people have reported singing and talking in the balcony and a man who walks across the stage. You'll also find out about ghosts and hauntings at The Aztec House Antique Shop, Big Nose Kate's Saloon where cowboy ghosts roam, Nellie Cashman's Restaurant where items move about on their own, the Wells Fargo Bank Building, Shieffelin Hall where town hall meeting have more attendees than they are supposed to, and Boot Hill Cemetery, where some folks just won't totally die.

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From Dark Haunts Arizona
In Patagonia, in southern Arizona, the Patagonia Market has an unknown ghost who moves things around, makes noises, and plays with squeaky toys in the night.

There are many haunted locations in Tucson, Arizona. There's a dead principal who still visits Bloom Elementary School, Centennial Hall is inhabited by a good ghost and a bad ghost, and at the Davis Bilingual School people have been touched by the ghost residing there, doors open and close themselves, and faucets turn themselves on and off.

At the Radisson Hotel a girl moans for help near the ballrooms. At the University of Arizona, a woman runs to escape her attacker.

In Yuma, at the territorial prison, spirits pinch visitors to the museum, and play with the change in the store.

In Nogales the St. Andrews Episcopal Church is said to have been built on Indian burial grounds, and they come back to attend services now and then.

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Arizona Haunted Places: Central/Northern Arizona

From Haunted Places
At Montezuma Castle, Montezuma's Well, and Tuzigoot the Sinagua Indians are said to reappear from time to time.

From Leftfield PSI
In Flagstaff at the Monte Vista Hotel there are three ghosts who pace the hallways and knock on doors.

At the Jerome Community Center in Jerome, AZ the spirit of a prostitute still wanders.

From Allstays Ghost Hotel Guide
In Prescott, see if you can get a reservation for room 16 at the Hotel Vendome, where a woman and her cat still haunt the place.