Top Haunted Hotels of the Southwest - Places to Find Ghosts

Hotel corridors, dining rooms and often, specific rooms are haunted by earthbound spirits. We share with you the places you are most likely to experience ghostly apparitions in the Southwestern United States. Often the stories are enough to send you packing. But, be prepared, early-morning scares are most frequent.

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Hotel Monte Vista - Flagstaff, Arizona

Jmbates020 via Wikimedia Commons

The Hotel Monte Vista is proud of their "permanent guests," as they call them. These guests range from "The Women of the Night" to "The Dancing Couple" in the cocktail lounge.

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Historic Gadsden Hotel - Douglas, Arizona

This hotel's ghost has been reported mostly in the basement and is said to be a tall man in black clothing and often with no head. Some believe this spirit is the ghost of Pancho Villa

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La Fonda Hotel - Santa Fe, New Mexico

As legend has it, a distraught salesman who lost his company’s money in a card game, leaped to his death down a deep well. This particular well is directly under the La Fonda's dining room, La Plazuela. Guests and staff alike have reported the sight of a ghostly figure that walks to the center of the room, then seemingly jumps into the floor and disappears. And, there are earthbound spirits that walk the halls of this historic hotel.

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St. James Hotel - Cimmarron, New Mexico

The St. James Hotel was built first as a saloon in 1872 by Frenchman Henri Lambert, former personal chef to President Abraham Lincoln. The hotel was founded in 1888, initially proving to be more a place of violence than rest. Twenty-six men lost their lives in the early years there, most the victims of gunfights or brawls. The hotel has a history of paranormal sightings. With this violent background, it is not unexpected.

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Historic Sheridan Inn - Sheridan, Wyoming

Miss Kate, as she was fondly known, passed away in 1968. Her last request was to return to the Sheridan Inn, her home for many years. Her remains were cremated, and buried in the wall in a room she occupied on the third floor periodically for many years. Today, the room has been fully renovated. Her presence is felt on an almost daily basis, turning lights off and on, opening and closing doors, and other activities that mysteriously happen from time to time.

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Hassayampa Inn - Prescott, Arizona

The historic Hassayampa Inn is in the center of Prescott. As the story goes, a young woman killed herself in the Grand Balcony Suite 42. A newlywed couple registered and the new husband went out for some smokes. He never returned. The distraught bride hanged herself from the balcony in sight of Gurley Street. The bride, Faith, still walks the halls of the Inn as ​an earthbound spirit.

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Texas White House - Fort Worth, Texas

The Inn Keeper reports, we have had three ghostly experiences here at the Texas White House. We believe it to be the husband of the only family who ever lived in the house; he died here and now haunts his old bedroom.

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Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

To get the latest in ghostly information, be sure to visit with long-time employee Ernesto Malacara, the Menger's Director of Public Relations. Malacara can give a string of ghost stories that would curl your hair. The hotel, built in 1859, is San Antonio's vault for vanquished spirits, with at least 32 different apparitions competing for sightings.

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Ben Lomond Suite Hotel - Ogden, Utah

The elevator stops at floors where no buttons have been pushed. The front desk receives a call from room 1106 -- when no one is staying in that room. The telephone line goes dead.

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Hotel Stanley - Estes Park, Colorado

The ghosts in the Stanley Hotel aren't evil as in the book. Room 418 seems to have the most ghostly activity reported. In fact, the entire fourth floor of the Stanley Hotel (formerly the servants quarters) is quite active.