Haulover Park: Miami's Nude Beach

Haulover Beach
© John Coletti, Photographer/Getty Images

According to numerous travel publications, Haulover Park, in Miami Beach, Fla., is one of the world's best nude beaches. That fact is evidenced in its constant presence on their world's top 10 nude beach lists. Considering Haulover just celebrated its 25th year, what seems to continue to impress naturists? Certainly its beauty and Miami location, but its laid back and fun atmosphere has to account for its continued popularity.

What's In a Name?

It is believed that Haulover got its name from an early fisherman in the area—a man named Baker—who would regularly "haul" his sponge boat from Biscayne Bay over the thickly wooded dunes to the ocean at this spot. Mention of "Baker's Haulover" appear on maps as early as 1823. The practice was passed along through later generations of fisherman.

What Is the Controversy?

The controversy that clings to the area is that of nude sunbathing. Haulover became very popular as a clothing-optional beach when the revenue-hungry county looked the other way as they collected from the fee-paying naturists. However, too little clothing became too much of an issue, and a reasonably fair solution was to limit clothing-optional beach access to an 800-yard stretch of the ​1.3-mile beach. However, if nudity or the gay scene is personally offensive, avoid the area.

Where Do You Celebrate National Nude Week?

At Haulover Nude Beach of course! During National Nude Week each July, the public is invited to celebrate in the buff at Haulover.

Is it Legal?

Information presented on this page does not mean that Florida law allows nudity in public places. There is a Dade County ordinance that allows one to expose naked flesh legally and without fear on this marked stretch of beach only.

Can I Take My Family?

The north end of the beach has been partitioned off out of the view of families and others who do not wish to swim and sun without clothing. Haulover Beach is preferable to close-by Sunny Isles Beach because of its access, parking, and expansiveness. Go if you can overlook (and not be tempted to look over) at the buff crowd.

Where Is It Located?

Haulover Beach Park is located in the 10800 block of Collins Avenue in North Miami Beach near Sunny Isles Causeway (SR #826) and Highway A1A. Look for signs indicating North Beach Parking Lot.

Want More Details?

Haulover Beach Park is open every day sunrise to sunset. There is a parking fee of $5. Facilities include restrooms, showers, concessions and picnic tables. Lifeguards are on duty.

Nude Beach Tips

  • While there are no laws to prohibit cameras or electronics with camera capabilities, nude etiquette demands no pictures be taken without permission.
  • Carry a towel (or two) to use when sitting in public areas, such as benches.
  • Sexual activity and public displays of affection are strictly prohibited and enforced.