Going Big at Hash House A Go Go Las Vegas

Andy's Sage Fried Chicken Hash House Farm Benedict at Hash House A Go Go at Imperial Palace Las Vegas
Andy's Sage Fried Chicken Hash House Farm Benedict at Hash House A Go Go at Imperial Palace Las Vegas.

Zeke Quezada

The Best Breakfast in Las Vegas is quite a statement considering how many celebrity chefs have kitchens in Las Vegas but there is a disclaimer with Hash House A Go Go. For regular people like you and I who love to eat and have a hard time putting down the fork, Hash House A Go Go is our safe place. The plates are large so your meal does not really look that big. Yes, there is enough on that plate for a family of four but when we indulge we tend to overlook and ignore the warning signs of impeding indigestion. It's what we do.

These are the five items that you are going to have to seriously consider when you visit Hash House A GO GO:

  • The Tractor Driver Combo. Do you really need an explanation of what this includes. Let's just say that you will not be concerned with your carb in take. Flapjacks, bacon and potatoes. Simple but very satisfying.
  • Texas Ranchero is a twist on a favorite Mexican breakfast dish served with sopes instead of tortillas. Imagine a thicker more flavorful tortilla with savory sauce and delightfully prepared eggs, chorizo and salsa spilling over the sides.
  • Meatloaf! If it's on the menu that day you must get a block of protein. Trust me.
  • Chicken Fried Steak is what you'll have if you are planning on making a quick visit to your cardiologist. Fabulous, but really big on all the bad stuff that tastes great.
  • Andy's Sage Fried Chicken in any form. With waffles, in a sandwich or in a benedict.

If you are a fan of eating you are a fan of Hash House and I'm sure you must be a fan of The Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food show. Adam Richman went into Hash House and devoured his way through a dish that is simply a monster.

So, of course I felt the need to find out exactly what it was that every one was talking about. First, I should point out that I can eat, I can eat big portions, I can eat fast and I can eat spicy. Am I a nut like the Man Vs. Food guy? Probably not, that guy is pretty talented, but I am probably on the minor league circuit of real eaters.

When Andy's Sage Fried Chicken Hash House Farm Benedict comes to your table at Hash House A Go Go you instantly will be second guessing your ability to eat. It's huge and I have explained it as "a beast! It’s like a stratigraphic column that you’ll see at the Grand Canyon. Chipotle cream with peppers, scrambled eggs, griddled mozzarella, fried chicken, bacon, market tomato, spinach, biscuit on top of griddled potatoes."

It's a challenge to eat because of it's size but the combination of flavors will take the comfort food fanatic to a state of euphoria. The Chipotle gravy coats the top with the flavor of a spicy cream and if you combine that with the bottom layer of crispy potatoes and the superb fried chicken, well, you could easily become the poster child for cardiologist around the globe speaking on job security.

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Seeking ideas for breakfast in Las Vegas? If you like big portions try The Pantry at Mirage Las Vegas where it seems like everything that comes out of the kitchen is crazy good but it is also enough to feed three. Share something and save a little space for a pastry to end the meal with some sweet stuff. If you want an upscale breakfast that delivers on a level of quality that is tough to match you want Bouchon at Venetian. Thomas Keller does breakfast right at this gem. Of course you can always choose to do the Las Vegas buffet route if you need more than one option for your morning meal. The buffets at Caesars Palace, Cosmopolitan and Aria all do a god spread for the morning meal. They can be expensive so keep that in mind when you begin to consider the amount of calories that you want to consume in the morning.

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