Halloween in Phoenix

Pumpkin Patches, Parties, Haunted Houses and More

Picking a pumpkin at Schnepf Farms
••• Picking a pumpkin at Schnepf Farms.

Courtesy of Visit Mesa

Halloween has grown into much more than a couple of hours when the kids go to neighbors' homes and collect candy. Halloween costume parties are increasingly popular, family outings and festivals related to the Halloween are in every community, and Halloween haunted houses get bigger and better every year. Here are some of your best Phoenix Halloween bets, year after year -- the hottest Halloween haunts in Arizona!

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    Halloween Pumpkins
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    If trick or treating door-to-door is not your style, you and your family can still participate the Halloween spirit by attending neighborhood festivals and parties shows and more. Here are some Valley favorites, including safe alternatives to trick-or-treating. They are usually very reasonably priced!
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    Pumpkin patches, petting zoos, mazes, hay rides, pony rides, pie eating and all those other great family activities that just seem right in October, seem even more fun when you all pile up in the car and make a day trip out of it. These are real, working farms within a few hours of Phoenix where you can get your pumpkin on.
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    If you're looking for a good scare this Halloween season, there are several places around the Phoenix area where you can enjoy some frightful fun. Ghosts, goblins, blood, guts, body parts, screaming -- what fun!
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    During October, there is a festival near you with safe fun. There are Halloween costume contests, candy, rides, mazes and activities. Enjoy these photos of some of the festivals and attractions that you'll find in Greater Phoenix for Halloween.
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    Picking a pumpkin at Schnepf Farms
    ••• Picking a pumpkin at Schnepf Farms. Courtesy Visit Mesa
    There are several places, both in town and within a couple of hours of Phoenix, where you and your family can enjoy pumpkin picking, corn mazes, hay rides, and more fun family fall season and Halloween entertainment.
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    If you are hosting a Halloween party, try creating some of these adult beverages with Halloween themes. The recipes were provided by local Arizona mixologists.

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     Desserts and snacks to impress your guests! For Halloween, try the Healthy Cat Skeleton! Alll recipes here were shared by local Arizona chefs.

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    Chambers of Fear Haunted House
    ••• Chambers of Fear Haunted House. Graveyard Entertainment
    During October, there's a haunted house near you waiting to provide good, clean, bloodcurdling fun. Now . . . come a little closer . . . this won't hurt a bit . . . or will it?
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    Maybe yes, maybe no. No guarantees, but it is usually warmer in the desert than people expect it to be that late in the year. These historical statistics for October, and specifically October 31st, should help you make decisions about outdoor festivals, costumes and such.
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    The Day of the Dead, or El Día de los Muertos, is not at all like Halloween. The two days that comprise the Day of the Dead celebration is actually a public holiday in Mexico. So why do I include it here? Well, because it immediately follows Halloween, and some people just keep on celebrating....
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    These places aren't just haunted on Halloween. These are locations in and around Phoenix that are said to be truly haunted. Are they? Read the stories, and you decide.
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    Halloween costumes
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    Children and adults enjoy dressing up for Halloween. Some offices even allow employees to wear costumes on this one unusual day of the year. There are several places around the metro Phoenix area where you can purchase or rent a Halloween costume. There are costumes for infants and toddlers, pets, scary costumes, sexy costumes, funny costumes, and one-of-a-kind costumes.
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    The Arizona State Fair isn't really about Halloween, but it so happens that the Arizona State Fair usually takes place from mid-October through the beginning of November. That means that it's a fun place to be on Halloween. Check the schedule for Zombie Thriller Dances!
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    Trick or treating kids
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    In some parts of the country there are designated hours when children are allowed to go door-to-door for Halloween trick-or-treating. Does that happen here?