Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

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    Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

    Universal Studios Hollywood 'Halloween Horror Nights' Kick Off With Eyegore Awards
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    Of all the Halloween theme park events in the Los Angeles area, Halloween Horror Nights are the best-produced, best-staffed and most organized. They're also the creepiest, and they splatter more fake blood than all the others put together.

    What to Expect at Halloween Horror Nights

    Halloween at Universal Studios is all about the scare. They build mazes featuring the silver screen's notorious madmen and a whole crew of Universal monsters. They come with all the blood and gore you'd expect - and more.

    More than 1,000 people are hired to staff Halloween Horror Nights. You'll find them at every turn, jumping out of dark corners, chopping up victims with glee or just walking along, zombie-like.

    Competition is so fierce for the chainsaw guy roles that they hold tryouts. These folks know how to scare people and won't pose for pictures. If you scream, bite your fingernails or start running away, they'll know they have their mark and keep coming after you. If you want them to go away, stand your ground and don't flinch.

    Besides numerous mazes in the park, there are also special "Terror Tram" tours of the Backlot.

    A few of the regular rides are also open, and they make a nice break from all the blood and guts.

    If you want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes at Horror Nights, you can follow Creative Director John Murdy on Twitter @HorrorNights. You can also follow Horror Nights on Facebook.

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    Rating Halloween Horror Nights

    Universal Halloween Horror Nights Media Make-Up Kick-Off
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    Universal claims that Halloween Horror Nights are the scariest thing going on in the Los Angeles area. They are not exaggerating. That being said, this event appeals mostly to young adults. Others may quickly tire of all the bloody, slasher-style scenes in the mazes. Or get so annoyed with the chainsaw guys who just won't leave you alone.

    Halloween Horror Nights are designed to be frightening and are not suitable for small children, squeamish individuals who don't like simulated bodily harm or anyone who doesn't like to be scared out of their wits. Universal says they're not recommended for anyone under 13.

    Horror Nights don't appeal to everyone, but lots of people enjoy it. To get a broader range of opinions, you can read reviews at Yelp

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    More About Halloween Horror Nights

    A Couple of Attractions at Halloween Horror Nights
    Courtesy of Universal Studios Hollywood

    Tips for Halloween Horror Nights

    • The characters are scary enough, so you don't need to be. No costumes are allowed.
    • Tickets for the Halloween Horror Nights go on sale about a month before opening night. Buy your Halloween Horror Nights tickets at the Halloween Horror Nights Website to avoid sellouts and waiting in line. You'll also save on so-called Killer Deal Nights and Halloween night (up to $30 per ticket, the amount depending on the day and saving the most for Halloween night).
    • You can get tickets good only for the Horror Nights event or for day/night combos good for visiting the theme park during the day, too.
    • For a lot of extra money, you can also get a front of the line pass or enjoy a VIP experience that includes even more extras.

    Details About Halloween Horror Nights

    Expect to spend about 3 to 4 hours at Horror Nights. The park is busy throughout the run, but not quite so crowded on the first weekend, on Sundays and during the days after Halloween.

    Get more information at the Halloween Horror Nights Website

    As is common in the travel industry, the writer was provided with complimentary tickets for the purpose of reviewing Halloween Horror Nights. While it has not influenced this review, Tripsavvy.com believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.