Halloween Costumes in Pittsburgh

Great Places to Find Great Halloween Costumes in Pittsburgh

Sean Justice/Getty Images

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? With Halloween costumes ranging from cute and crazy to wild and wacky, these Pittsburgh stores are great places to bag the perfect Halloween costume.

Costume World
Located on Smallman Street in Pittsburgh's Strip District, Costume World carries just about every Halloween costume you could possibly want or imagine. Even if they don't, they can probably find it for you. Costumes are available for rental or purchase - just be sure to shop early, because the best costumes go fast!

Spirit Halloween Superstore
A division of Spencer Gifts, Spirit Halloween Superstores spring up around Pittsburgh each fall with a huge selection of Halloween costumes, masks, wigs, makeup and other accessories in adult and children's sizes.

Party City
This year-round party store gets all decked out each Halloween, with an awesome selection of reasonably-priced Halloween costumes and spooky items at "guaranteed lowest prices." Party City is especially good for hard-to-find teen and plus-size costumes, plus party goods and spooky decorations for your Halloween party.

Thrift Store Costumes
Head to the nearest Salvation Army or Goodwill for all sorts of costume pieces and accessories. Military uniforms, evening dresses, hats, coats, costume jewelry and other such items can be picked up pretty cheap, and assembled into a nice costume with a little bit of creativity. You can easily create a queen, hobo, cowgirl, nerd or tacky tourist for just a few bucks!

Jo-Ann Fabrics Stores
If you're handy with a needle, Jo-Ann Fabrics Store is a great place to go for Halloween costume patterns, fabrics, and other accessories, plus Halloween decorations and party supplies. Even if you aren't up to sewing and creating, Jo-Ann's also sells pre-made costumes at reasonable prices.