Halada Jewelry Stores in Prague

Halada Jewelry Store Prague
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While shopping for jewelry in Prague, you will be dazzled by the garnet and amber jewelry shops that line the streets of the main tourist districts. If you're in the market for a unique and high-end souvenir from Prague, Halada may be a better choice. The quality offered at Halada is unquestionable (the same can't be said for those other shops) and the service is better, too.

Contemporary In-House Designs

Originally established in Germany, Halada is based in Prague. While it carries a variety of fine jewelry brands, it is also known for its in-house designs, which are contemporary in style and tastefully executed.

Halada is a great place to find an engagement ring, wedding rings, jewelry for a special occasion, a gift for someone back home, or a present for yourself.

Halada Stores

Even if you're just window shopping while taking in Prague's sights, you don't have to feel uncomfortable about entering a Halada store. Professional but not stuffy, sales associates are helpful despite knowing that you're "just looking." "Just looking" can easily lead to a follow-up visit for a serious purchase. Halada's sparkle and shine is hard to resist, especially amidst the natural romance Prague exudes.

Halada Locations in Prague

Halada has three Prague locations.

Halada Jewellery
Vaclavske Namesti 28 (Wenceslas Square)
Praha 1
Tel. 224 247 416

Halada Jewellery
Na Prikope 16
Praha 1
Tel: 224 221 304

Lia Halada Fine Jewellery
Parizska 7
Praha 1
Tel: 222 311 868

Other Halada Locations

Halada also has locations in Karlovy Vary, Brno, and Ceske Budejovice.

For more information about Halada jewelry or Halada stores, you can visit Halada's website at halada.cz

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