Gypsy Las Vegas - CLOSED

Gipsy Las Vegas closed in 2014 and was once a prominent gay nightclub in Las Vegas.

Location: 4605 Paradise Rd.
(702) 731-1919

Hours: 9 p.m. to whenever the party ends.

Cover: Free before 10 p.m., after depends on night

Age: 21 and over

Dress Code: Upscale casual, but really anything goes.

What it’s like

Perhaps the most popular gay club in Las Vegas, however, Krave is cutting in on the action. This is a fun place where people lack the normal club attitude. If you want to have a good time and you are okay with alternative lifestyles go for it. You might be surprised.

Suggestion: Smile a lot and you might not have to buy your own drinks. Actually, I was singled out right off the bat as an opposite team member. However, I still got a few free beers.


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