Can a Group of Guys Get Into a Nightclub in Las Vegas

The Tips To Get You Through The Line

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So I'm asked this question all the time:

"Can a group of guys get into a club in Las Vegas without actually buying a table?"

This is the land of the free, the land of equal opportunity, the land where all men are created...No, it's not, it's Las Vegas and the truth is we all enjoy that some of the rules are somewhat blurred on the Las Vegas strip. So it should come as no surprise that you could possibly not be let into a Las Vegas nightclub because you are not wearing a short skirt or a tight blouse.

I sent a group of guys to a popular Las Vegas nightclub, TAO at Venetian Las Vegas, they had a reservation and they arrived relatively early, ( 11 p.m., before the recommended 11:30)

The simple response from the guy at the door, "Impossible"

So what went wrong? 8 guys willing to spend far too much money on drinks simply could not get in because they were together?

So how do you get into a Las Vegas nightclub? I sent the question to Marklen Kennedy, the (FORMER) Director of TAO Beach at the Venetian and Palazzo Resort. I've met him at the door of TAO and he has a strong sense of what it takes to make it into a Las Vegas Nightclub.

Marklen Kennedy's answer to how a group of guys can get into a Las Vegas nightclub:

There's many factors to this angle.

One thing to know is that you have to know your options and choose wisely.

10 guys CAN get into a club with a table reservation of course.

If not and the angle is the "if not" then:

  • Dress to the Nines. Better to impress than to give an excuse not to let you in
  • Arrive early when the club opens as it will be next to impossible once the 2000 people are standing in front of the club to get in. Call the clubs office. Ask to speak to a host. Make relationships.
  • Keep in mind the old Groucho Marx quote that "I'd never join a club that would have me as a member." Vegas is a town of facades where you can be anything you want to be. It’s a fantastic place to go big. So when you're coming to a nightclub that grosses millions of dollars every year then dress for success. If you have to tip the doorman just to get in because you don’t have a table you're doing something wrong. This industry is built on service and hospitality. Don’t come alone! If each guy brought one girl you would have a great group the club would probably like to have in anyway. Look great, feel great and be confident.
  • Most of all -- be polite to the doorman and security. They are only doing their job and if they feel hassled you'll never get in. Don’t lie, don’t make up stories just look them in the eye and tell the truth. We want you here and we want you to come in.

So can a group of guys get into a Las Vegas club? I'm still not entirely sure it is possible mainly because I have seen the lines on a Saturday night and I have no real proof they can. I will send in my research assistants again and we shall see.

Funny thing is, they'll let me in and I won't even allow myself into some of the parties I'm having.

Las Vegas nightclubs are all different so find one that works for you and then make the call to get the ball rolling. Hakkasan at MGM Grand, XS at Wynn Las Vegas and Marquee at Cosmopolitan are all very popular and they seem to have plenty of VIP Hosts willing to help you get in for a night of debauchery.

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