Women's Adventure Travel: Gutsy Group Trips for Women

Why Girls-Only Adventure Trips Are Taking Off

Women-only adventure travel is one of the fastest growing segments of the adventure travel market. Many women—single or married—like the camaraderie of all female group trips."Because women in any culture relish the freedom to experience new things away from limiting, societal expectations," says Susan Eckert, president of AdventureWomen. "We have a unique sense of discovery, an unabashed curiosity, the easy ability to laugh at ourselves and the capacity to create a non-competitive environment of support and encouragement for each other. Under these circumstances, women feel free to challenge themselves…"

Eckert's company is just one of several who now cater to the female travel crowd. Here is a list of other organizations that offer similar experiences, providing safe and accommodating itineraries for ladies who love to travel together. 

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    Wild Women Expeditions

    Wild Women Expeditions
    ••• Wild Women Expeditions goes to Chile. Wild Women Expeditions

    For more than 25 years, Wild Women Expeditions has been organizing fantastic trips to the far corners of the globe. Amongst the destinations that the company covers are places like Nepal, Mongolia, New Zealand, and Chile. Activities range from trekking and cycling, to horseback riding and sailing. There are even opportunities to go on yoga retreats and learn to surf and stand-up paddleboard too. 

    Additionally, Wild Women takes a shared leadership approach to its tripos, giving travelers an opportunity to weigh in on important decisions and have their voice be heard. All trips are sustainable and environmentally friendly as well, making it a great model for modern adventure travel. 

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    Women's Travel Group - Mongolia
    ••• The wilds of Mongolia. Kraig Becker

    The Women's Travel Group bills itself as a travel company specifically designed for women of all ages who are interested in going solo (with a no-single surcharge guarantee, to boot). Trips span a variety of genres, including cooking in Tuscany, safaris in Tanzania, and a 10-day trip to China and Mongolia. Most itineraries include at least one activity that is specifically geared toward women, such as speakers or shopping at a local, woman-owned coop. 

    While the organization has several tours that are amongst its staples each year, it also offers new, unique opportunities on the regular as well. Many of its clients are return customers, coming back to try a different itinerary on an annual basis. The group's Italy cooking and spa deals are particular favorites. 

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    Adventures in Good Company - Bhutan
    ••• Adventurous ladies traveling through Bhutan. Adventures in Good Company

    Adventures in Good Company, which was started back in 1999, offers active vacations to destinations nearby and far-flung, including hiking in the Adirondacks, kayaking in Belize, and island-hopping in Greece. Couples, groups, families, and solo travelers are all welcome, and the company offers flexible itineraries, a supportive environment, and deep cultural immersion with a host of great trips across North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

    Good news for mindful travelers: The sustainability-focused company contributes 15 percent of its revenue to non-profit organizations, works with local operators to develop its itineraries, and practices a leave-no-trace principles on all trips. 

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    Rafting the Colorado River on a trip with AdventureWomen
    ••• Rafting the Colorado River on a trip with AdventureWomen. (c) Susan L Eckert, AdventureWomen Inc.

    Completely owned and run by a team of driven ladies, AdventureWomen has been offering trips designed for women since 1982. That fact alone makes the company a pioneer in this travel field, but it continues to innovate with a wide variety of destinations and actives too.

    AdventureWomen offers a selection of trips designed specifically for females age 30 and older. The trips range from Big Sky and Yellowstone Hiking, to Baja Sea Kayaking, and Iceland Horseback Riding, just to name a few. It seems that the company is doing something right, as some 70 percent of its customers return to the group for another tour. That alone is quite a testament to the quality of its products. 

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    Women's Wilderness Institute
    ••• Women's Wilderness Institute builds outdoor skills. Kraig Becker

    The Women's Wilderness Institute offers more than 50 courses that teach solid skills to women who want to explore the backcountry completely on their own. Those courses include options for building leadership skills, learning to navigate in remote places, and basic survival lessons. There are even options for learning to climb, using wilderness medicine techniques, and tracking in the wild. 

    One of the best courses that the institute offers is its Discovery Days option for girls in 6th though 8th grade. The trip includes 5 days of hiking, games, and outdoor adventures built specifically with middle-schoolers in mind with the aim of enticing more young women to interact with nature and their own adventurous spirits. 

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    Outessa Outdoor Festival
    ••• Outessa is a ladies-only outdoor festival. Christin Healey

    Outdoor gear retailer REI has even gotten into the women-only adventure market with the introduction of the Outessa festival. These three-day retreats – held in different parts of the U.S. – have adventurous ladies a chance to come together and take part in some fantastic activities. Options include trail running, mountain biking, climbing, stand-up paddling, and much more. At the end of the day, they gather around and share tales of their exploits over fine meals and a glass of wine, while camping in an amazing setting.

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