Tips for Setting up Utilities in Charlotte

This guide will help you to get everything lined up

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One of the biggest hassles involved in moving is coordinating the changing of your utility services from your old residence to the new one. Whether you're a newcomer to the Charlotte area or just moving to another part of town, it's of the first things you'll need to do. But this guide has you covered. Here's a look at how you can start power, gas, water, trash pickup, and communications (internet, TV, and home phone, if desired) in Charlotte. In some cases, you'll have to make a deposit before service can be established. Most of the time, service can be started within 24 hours as long as the existing setup is already there, but it is prudent to arrange for your utilities as soon as you know the date you are going to move into your new house. 


All electric power in Mecklenburg County is provided by Duke Power. You can handle starting or stopping service by visiting the Duke Energy website or by calling Duke's customer service phone number at 800-600-DUKE. If you experience a power outage in Charlotte, call 800-POWERON to report that your service has been disrupted.


All natural gas service in Mecklenburg County is handled through the Piedmont Natural Gas company. To start or change your gas service, call Piedmont's customer service line at 800-752-7504.


The city of Charlotte provides water to residences located within city limits plus those located in the town of Matthews in Mecklenburg County. To start water service in Charlotte, call 704-336-2211. 

Trash Pickup

The city of Charlotte's Solid Waste Services division provides curbside trash pickup once a week for all residents. Included in your pickup are regular trash, recycled trash, yard waste, and bulky items. To start trash service in Charlotte, call 704-366-2673. Accepted items for pickup as regular household trash include old clothing, paper products, dried paint cans without lids, litter, and soiled infant diapers (double-bagged), and styrofoam. Items that are not accepted include dead animals, motor oil, chemical solvents, wet paint, pool chemicals, and gravel. Cardboard boxes, glass, and paper products should be recycled in a separate trash bin. Yard waste must be disposed of separately in appropriate containers.

Cable, Satellite, and Home Phone Providers

Charlotte is a very wired city, and you have your choice of four cable and satellite providers; two of which also provide phone and internet service. TV-only providers are Direct TV and Dish TV. AT&T U-verse and Spectrum provide TV, internet, and home phone service.

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