Puyallup, Washington

Tacoma's Neighbor and a Great Place to Live

Washington State Fair
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Puyallup, Washington, is Tacoma's neighbor and is well-known for two reasons. One, Puyallup is home to the Washington State Fair, which is one of the largest fairs in the U.S. and Western Washington's largest fall event. Two, Puyallup is filled with affordable houses and is a popular place for families to move to.

Puyallup was formerly out in the country, but its housing scene boomed and it's now more known for its large, modern homes and neighborhoods. Due to this, parts of town have very different feels—the old-fashioned downtown area, the suburban South Hill Mall area, and the sprawling housing developments located south on Meridian. With all of the new housing has ​come a bevy of places to eat and shop. The Puyallup School District is also a good one, making this a fine place to consider living.

Things to Do in Puyallup

The local retail and restaurant scene boomed right alongside all the housing developments in town. The main drag, Meridian Avenue, is filled for miles with stores and restaurants. South Hill Mall is located close to 512 near the intersection of the main thoroughfare of Meridian and 112th. The mall itself has many stores, but the area surrounding it also has many stores and restaurants. From this area out to where many of the housing developments are located (all around 176th), stores and restaurants line Meridian.

While Puyallup does possess a good deal of urban sprawl, that is not all it is. You can visit the heart of old Puyallup in its downtown—located along the north end of Meridian between 5th Avenue NE and 4th Avenue SW. Cute storefronts, local shops, antique stores and Pioneer Park make this area worth exploring. Meeker Mansion is also in this area at 3rd Street SE and E Meeker, and here you can visit an old pioneer home and enjoy the area’s history.

Puyallup also has public parks and green spaces for a day out—some of these are great places to go hiking as well. Take a walk along the Puyallup River on the Puyallup Riverwalk Trail, or play at large Bradley Park.

Of course, one of the top draws of the town is the Washington State Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds are most known for hosting the Washington State Fair in September each year, but are busy with events year round, including the Puyallup Spring Fair, a Fourth of July event and fireworks, car shows, Oktoberfest, and Victorian Country Christmas.

Homes and Apartments

Puyallup is a top place to live, especially if you want a large house for a good price. There are a few major areas to look within Puyallup—the older area around downtown and the mall has mostly older homes from the 1980s and before, while Silver Creek, Gem Heights, Lipoma Firs, and other large developments to the south have large, newer homes.

Apartments and condos are also plentiful in Puyallup. There are several large apartment complexes on Meridian just north of the mall. Condos and homes for rent are especially plentiful in Silver Creek and Gem Heights.

Puyallup Schools

There are many options for elementary schools throughout the valley. Junior High schools include:

  • Aylen Junior High - 101 15th St
  • Ballou Junior High - 9916 136th St
  • Edgemont Junior High - 2300 110th Avenue East
  • Ferrucci Junior High - 3213 Wildwood Park Drive
  • Glacier View Junior High - 12807 184th St E
  • Kalles Junior High - 501 7th Ave
  • Stahl Junior High - 9610 168th Street E

High schools include:

  • Emerald Ridge High School - 12405 184th Street East
  • Puyallup High School - 105 7th St SW
  • Rogers High School - 12801 86th Ave E
  • Walker High School - 5715 Milwaukee Ave
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