Find Private Campgrounds and RV Parks

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Private campgrounds, unlike the many public campgrounds that are maintained by the government, are owned and operated by private individuals or businesses. Consequently, each campground must be evaluated on its own merits. As with any commercial business, there are good ones and bad ones.

To translate, that means that you may find good private campgrounds, and you may come across some that are not so hospitable. Also, private campgrounds typically fall into the category of RV park offering full hookup services and few, if any, tent sites. Seldom will you find a private campground that caters to primitive camping.

Private campground owners have flocked to the Web to advertise their businesses. Most campground websites are designed to paint a pretty picture that attracts you. Hidden amongst all the glitter is usually the basic information that you need to decide whether or not to consider this campground in your travel plans. Hopefully, there will be an address and contact information, plus a description of campground amenities and services.

The cost at private campgrounds can sometimes be as much as a motel room, but one must remember that private campgrounds are often more of a resort than a place to escape to nature. Not that they aren't found in scenic natural settings, but rather that they offer extras usually not found at public campgrounds, things like pools, spas, game rooms, and clubhouses.

If the offerings of a private campground are something that you find attractive, then follow these leads to plenty of possible destinations. Remember to contact the campground before you make any final plans. If you can, go on the recommendation of someone who has actually been there.

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