Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Which Neighborhoods are Best?

More than anything else, Pittsburgh is a city of neighborhoods, primarily due to the region's riverfronts and mountains which serve as natural boundaries, as well as the manner in which early immigrants occupied the area. As a result, Pittsburgh neighborhoods, while quite diverse, still retain much of their ethnic heritage and charm. Each neighborhood typically has its own "main" street with grocery stores, restaurants, fire and police departments, and retail stores.

Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, while looking distinct on a map, really do not have clearly defined boundaries in the eyes of their residents. Instead, they blend gradually into one another around their perimeters. Therefore, unless you are very familiar with the region, you may find it helpful to work with a real estate agent to help identify some options that meet your needs. Heading out to the Pittsburgh suburbs, a wealth of new construction can be found in all directions. Some neighborhoods in particular are attracting a lot of new growth, due to a boom in new home construction and lower taxes.
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When choosing a neighborhood, think about the amenities that are most important to you. Do you want an urban or suburban area? Is the school district important? Commute time? How about availability of public transportation? Do you want new construction, or something more historic or architectural?

Create a list of your needs and use it to help narrow down communities that best fit your lifestyle.
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