The Ultimate Guide to NYC for Film Lovers

Everything Film Fans Need to Know to Make the Most Out of Manhattan

New York City is a film fanatic's fantasyland. Of course, there are great movie theaters where you can catch the latest flicks, but there also some pretty interesting indie theaters where you can see lesser-known releases, too. In summertime, movies head outdoors across Manhattan, while throughout the course of the year, you can catch one of the city's 10 best film festivals if you time it right. Better yet, see the settings of some of your favorite made-in-NYC films come to life, by going on location via one of NYC's fun film tours. Read on for more in this ultimate guide to NYC for film lovers.

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5 Best Movie Theaters in Manhattan

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While you could go to any movie theater to catch the latest Hollywood fare, not all multiplexes are created equal. Packed houses, obstructed views, technical problems, bad seats, and noisy crowds can ruin even the best cinematic classic. This list of the 5 best mainstream movie theaters in Manhattan will help you find the perfect place to see the biggest and best films that are out this week.

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9 Best Independent Movie Theaters in Manhattan

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This cinematic city of ours surely shows all of the silver screen's latest hits, in cutting-edge movie theaters to boot, but look closer still, and you'll find it offers a great selection of independent movie theaters, too. Here, we've rounded up 9 of Manhattan's best independent movie theaters, where you can catch an interesting flick in a cinema oozing character and off-the-radar appeal.

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Guide to Outdoor Films in Manhattan

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Summer nights in Manhattan were made for movies under the stars. Check out the following flicks on offer in the great outdoors (bonus: most of them are free!), as hosted by the Bryant Park Summer Film Festival, Rooftop Films Summer Series, and more.

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Top 10 Film Festivals in Manhattan

tribeca film festival
Photo credit: Tribeca Film Festival

New York City is one of the great cinema capitals of the world, and there are many exceptional film festivals held throughout the year that invite cinephiles to see movies that they may not be able to view anywhere else. Here, we've rounded up 10 of the best film festivals that Manhattan has to offer. Some are kingmakers come award season, and others highlight international voices and issues, but each of these festivals has a unique personality all its own.

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5 Best NYC Film Tours

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With a city as cinematic as New York, it's little wonder that its wow-factor cityscapes have been used as the backdrop for countless films. In fact, many first-time visitors to NYC feel like they already know the city, simply based on all of the movies they've seen it depicted in. But there's nothing like seeing the real thing, and cinephiles will appreciate these 5 NYC film tours that make it a breeze to merge the film fantasy with the on-the-ground reality.

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