Memphis Parks and Amenities

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The city of Memphis offers an abundance of parks with countless amenities. There are 160+ parks in the city covering more than 3,200 acres. Various parks feature amenities such as playgrounds, walking trails, tennis courts, ball fields, pavilions, and more. Park pavilions may also be rented for parties or other gatherings.

As a general rule, Memphis parks are open during daylight hours. Summer hours (March 15th through October 31st) are 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. and winter hours (November 1st through March 14th) are 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Below is a listing of parks in Memphis. They are listed in alphabetical order with their most prominent amenities included. Be aware that there may be some fees associated with certain parks and amenities.

  • George Alberson Park
    Whitney Ave. and Baskin St.
  • Alcy-Samuels Park
    1401 Alcy Rd.
    Playground, ball field, basketball court, walking trail
  • Alcy-Warren Park
    Alcy Rd. and Warren St.
    Playground, ball field, basketball courts, walking trail
  • American Way
    2800 Goodlett
    Open green space
  • Army-Navy Park
    Second St. and G.E. Patterson Ave.
    Memorial park
  • Ashburn-Coppock Park
    619 S. Riverside
    Riverwalk and scenic views
  • Audubon Park
    4145 Southern Ave.
    Indoor and outdoor tennis courts, golf course, playground, walking trail, lake
  • Avon Park
    310 N. Avon
  • Rodney Baber Park
    2215 James Road
    Softball fields, baseball field
  • Belz Park
    Shelby St. and Fernwood Ave.
    Ball field, playground, basketball courts, walking trail, pavilion
  • Bert Ferguson Park
    8505 Trinity Road
    Community center, walking trail, playground, soccer fields, tennis courts
  • Bethel LaBelle Park
    2698 LaRose
    Community center, playground
  • Bickford Park
    232 Bickford
    Community center, playground, ball field, basketball court, pavilion
  • Binghamton Park
    2606 Everett
    Playground, ball field, soccer field
  • Booth Park
    S. Parkway and Texas St.
    Basketball courts
  • Boxtown Park
    3448 Boxtown Road
    Playground, ball field, basketball court
  • J. J. Brennan Park
    Mason Rd. and Oak Grove Rd.
    Playground, ball field, soccer field
  • Brentwood Park
    Spottswood Ave. and Josephine St.
    Playground, fitness trail
  • Brinkley Park (Market Square)
    Second St. and Market Ave.
    Urban plaza
  • L.E. Brown
    617 S. Orleans
    Playground, ball field, basketball court, pavilions
  • Martha Byrnes
    James Road and Warford Rd.
    Soccer field
  • David Carnes Park
    Whitehaven Lane and Auburn Road
    Playground, ball field, pavilion, walking trail, picnic area
  • Will Carruthers Park
    3880 Neely Road
    Softball fields
  • Carver Heights Park
    3371 Margaretta Road
  • O.L. Cash Park
    Ford Road and Deerskin Drive
    Playground, ball field, basketball court, walking trail, pavilion
  • Walter Chandler Park
    Horn Lake Rd. and Raines Rd.
    Playground, picnic area, senior center
  • Chandler Park
    Walker Ave. and College St.
    Playground, basketball courts, walking trail, pavilion
  • Charjean Park
    Ketchum Rd. and Crosby St.
    18 open acres
  • Cherokee Park
    Dunn Ave., west of Lamar
    Playground, ball field, basketball court, pavilion, walking trail
  • Chickasaw Gardens Park
    East Chickasaw Parkway and West Goodwyn St.
    Scenic lake view
  • Chickasaw Heritage Park (aka DeSoto Park)
    Metal Museum Dr. and Riverside Blvd.
    Playground, ball field, historic markers, pavilion, basketball court
  • Robert Church Park
    Beale St. and Fourth St.
    Playground, historic markers, pavilions
  • Colonial Park (Auction Square)
    Main St. and Auction Ave.
    Urban plaza
  • Columbus Park
    Third St. and Adams Ave.
    Urban plaza
  • Confederate Park
    Front St. and Court Ave.
    Civil war memorial, Mississippi River views
  • Court Square
    Main St. and Court Ave.
    Urban plaza, historic markers, fountain
  • E.H Crump Park
    Delaware St. and Crump Blvd.
    Memorial park, picnic area, scenic river views
  • Dalstrom Park
    Shelby Dr. and Weaver Rd.
    Playgrounds, pavilions, walking trail
  • Charles Davis Park
    6671 Spottswood Ave.
    Community center, playground, ball field, basketball court
  • Douglass Park
    1616 Ash
    Community center, basketball courts, pavilions, walking trail, playground, ball field
  • Fairley Park
    4950 Fairley Road
    Playground, baseball field
  • Firestone Park
    Millington Rd. and Robertson Rd.
    Football and track stadium
  • Frayser Park
    2907 N. Watkins
    Community center, tennis courts, playground, walking trail
  • Halle Park
    Mt. Moriah Rd. and Mendenhall Rd.
    Baseball fields, football/track stadium, basketball courts
  • Hickory Hill Park
    3910 Ridgeway Road
    Community center, playground, tennis courts, pavilions, volleyball, walking trail
  • John F. Kennedy Park
    4577 Raleigh-LaGrange Road
    Softball fields, soccer fields, walking trails, playground, pavilions
  • Lichterman Park
    5992 Quince
    Nature center, walking trails, lake
  • Lincoln Park
    1363 W. Person
    Community center, playground, basketball courts, baseball field, pavilion
  • Mississippi River Greenbelt
    Greenbelt Island Dr. and Auction Ave
    Riverwalk trail
  • M.L. King Park (Riverside)
    South Parkway and Riverside Dr.
    Golf course, ball field, tennis courts, lake/river views, playground, pavilions
  • Mud Island
    125 N. Front
    Riverwalk, museum, amphitheater
  • Overton Park
    2080 Poplar Ave.
    Golf course, lake, playground, amphitheater, walking trail, soccer field
  • Pierotti Park
    3678 Powers Road
    Community center, tennis courts, playground, basketball courts
  • Riverview Park
    1981 Kansas
    Community center, basketball court, ball field, playground, walking trail, pavilion
  • Tobey Fields
    2599 Avery Ave.
    Baseball fields, softball fields, rugby field, volleyball
  • Tom Lee Park
    Riverside Dr. and Beale St.
    Riverwalk and scenic views
  • Willow Park
    4971 Willow Road
    Community center, basketball courts, playground, ball fields
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