Guide to Fairview / South Granville in Vancouver, BC

Exterior of Stanley Theatre in Vancouver, BC
Stanley Theatre on Granville Street. Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

All roads pass through Fairview. At least, all major roads into downtown Vancouver from the south: Fairview’s borders encompass the entrances to the Burrard Bridge in the west, the Cambie Bridge in the east, and the Granville Bridge in the heart of the neighborhood.

For families or couples where one person works in downtown and the other works anywhere south, Fairview is the ideal location. Access to downtown--by car, bus or bike--couldn’t be faster, and the main commuter roads to the south (Granville St. and Oak St.) are part of the neighborhood, as are the east-west arterials of Broadway, 12th Avenue, and 16th Avenue. (Buses along Broadway will take you to UBC in about 20 minutes.)

Fairview is also home to two Canada Line stations: Olympic Village Station and Broadway - City Hall Station. The Canada Line is a rapid transit system connects downtown Vancouver to the Vancouver International Airport.

Fairview Boundaries

Fairview is situated just south of downtown and the Granville Bridge. Located between Burrard St. on the west and Cambie St. on the east, it’s bordered by False Creek to the north and 16th Avenue to the south.

Fairview or South Granville or False Creek

“Fairview” is the neighborhood’s official name, the name used by the City of Vancouver, long-term residents, and real estate professionals. When you’re shopping for housing, Fairview is the name to use.

Fairview encompasses several small areas that have hyper-local names you may see on Craig’s List, MLS or other apartment/condo sites: Fairview Slopes (loosely defined as Broadway to 2nd Avenue), False Creek (on the water and near Granville Island), Burrard Slopes, and Fairview Heights.

Colloquially, you may hear Fairview referred to as South Granville. South Granville is the name of the shopping district (in Fairview) that runs along Granville St. from the Granville Bridge to 16th Avenue. It’s become so popular—and is being marketed so aggressively—that people sometimes refer to the entire neighborhood as South Granville.

Fairview Restaurants and Shopping

Some of Vancouver's best, most acclaimed restaurants make their home in Fairview. For fine-dining, there is West, four-time winner of Vancouver Magazine's Restaurant of the Year Award, and the beloved Vij's, proclaimed "among the finest Indian restaurants in the world," by The New York Times. On Broadway, there is the ever-popular Cactus Club, the Southern-style BBQ Memphis Blues, and the Malaysian Banana Leaf.

One of Vancouver's best urban shopping streets bisects Fairview: South Granville is famous for its "gallery row" of art galleries, its antique and modern furniture stores, and its bevy of home décor shops. South Granville also has a beguiling mix of high-end and mid-range fashion.

Fairvew Parks

Parks are scattered throughout Fairview, making it easy to find a spot to walk the dog, a place to play tennis or soccer, or a playground for the kids.

If you love city views, Charleson Park is a must-see. The view of downtown, especially at night with the sparkling city lights, is immediate and breathtaking.

Fairview Landmarks

Fairview's most famous landmark is one of Vancouver's top attractions: Granville Island. Once an industrial area, today's Granville Island attracts 10 million visitors a year. Packed with shops, restaurants, and gorgeous views, the island is home to the great Granville Island Public Market and the Arts Clubs Granville Island Stage, music and theater festivals, Canada Day celebrations, and cultural events.

Fairview's South Granville is home to the landmark Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, the main stage for the renowned Arts Club Theatre Company, one of the city's best live theater venues and a city heritage site.