Coco Bongo Nightclub in Cancun

Coco Bongo Cancun

Coco Bongo

From the moment you step off the plane at Cancun International Airport, the advertising for Coco Bongo begins. If you hadn't already heard of the club before arriving in Mexico, there's no way you'll leave Cancun without being at least vaguely familiar with it.


Blvd Kukulkan Km 9.5, Number 30
Plaza Forum by the Sea, 2nd Floor
Hotel Zone, Cancun, Quintana Roo​

Review of Coco Bongo

The larger than life Coco Bongo is much more than a dance club. Many people describe it as "Las Vegas meets Mexico," but it's definitely one part Hollywood as well. With capacity for 1800, multi-level seating, high-tech video screens, dozens of professional dancers, brilliant costumes, acrobats, professionally orchestrated lighting, gallons of confetti, balloons, celebrity impersonators, and immaculate choreography, Coco Bongo is not to be missed.

Every 20 minutes or so, a celebrity impersonator (ranging from Elvis to Madonna to Michael Jackson) takes the stage with backup dancers and performs a montage of songs. All performances are really over the top, with many of the acrobats and dancers hooked up to flight harnesses.

Don't worry if clubbing isn't really your thing - people of all ages and with all interests go to Coco Bongo. It's much more about the experience and the show than actually dancing or mingling. They run a tight ship, and it works. As you go in, you're ushered by your cocktail waiter to a certain section of the steps, balconies, or tables. You're free to move around, but not many people do. Having a section and an attentive waiter ensures that nobody's going to jostle you, take your spot, spill on you, or any of the other negatives usually associated with a crowded nightclub.

Unlike other clubs, Coco Bongo gets the crowd-pleasing music right on. With a mix of the best dance tunes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, this club is neither too bland nor too trendy.


Go early (10:30 pm) and stay for the whole show - you won't want to miss any of it. If you choose to do a nightlife tour package, make sure any other stops don't cut into the show.

The cover charge is high (starting around $70 depending on which night of the week you go) so shop around at tour agents and with your hotel concierge - they will often offer discounts or include open bar. Unless you truly are not going to drink anything (even water), opt for the open bar package. Bought individually, drinks are expensive. The alcoholic mixed drinks also tasted suspiciously watered down.