Your Guide to Budget Airlines Around the World

A Huge List of Every Budget Airline in the World

Sunset in Saigon © Lauren Juliff
••• Sunset in Saigon. © Lauren Juliff

If you're a student, you'll no doubt end up taking your fair share of budget airlines as you travel around the world. In the wis years I've been traveling, I have made it my mission to find the cheapest possible flights to my destination, whether it takes me hours or days.

One of the best ways to find cheap flights is via your country's low cost airlines. Usually a simple search on Skyscanner or Adioso will browse will bring up the cheapest flights to your destination, and these sites are especially helpful because you can browse by country instead of city, and spread your proposed travel dates over a month to see when the cheapest days to fly are. 

Another site I love for finding affordable airfare is Secret Flying. This website shares the cheapest deals from your region of the world, and updates multiple times a day. From the United States, you'll be able to get to Europe for $300 return, Southeast Asia for $500 return, and the Caribbean for $200 return. All you need to do is keep your eye on Secret Flying and keep your travel dates open.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Sometimes, no matter where you look on the internet, you just can't find the flight you want for the price you need. In this situation, the best thing to do is to start looking at budget airlines that may not be included in airfare aggregators like Skyscanner.

Refer to the following list if you're looking to find cheap flights and want to see the low cost airline options for either your destination or arrival city. 


Below you can find our top recommendations for budget airlines in Africa -- a place where travel is surprisingly expensive:












South Africa





Asia is our favorite continent, so we have lots of experience exploring the area via budget airline. Here are all of the low cost airlines you can find in the region (Air Asia is our absolute favorite!).



Hong Kong




 Republic of Korea





 Sri Lanka






There are no shortage of budget airlines in Europe, with practically every country having one or more. In most cases, flying in Europe is cheaper than taking the bus or train! Here's a comprehensive list of all the low cost carriers in the region:

 Czech Republic










 United Kingdom


Middle East

Here are all of the top budget airlines in the Middle East:


 Saudi Arabia


 United Arab Emirates


North America

Now, a list of all the budget airlines in North America. There are plenty of ways to find affordable airfare in North America, but it's rarely as inexpensive as you'll find in Europe. 



 United States



Oceania has a few budget airlines located in Australia and New Zealand, but if you're looking to travel in the South Pacific, you can expect to spend an awful lot on airfare.


New Zealand


Central America & The Caribbean

Here are the budget airlines in Central America and The Caribbean.

Antigua & Barbuda


South America

South America can be tough to get around, so if you're planning on a big trip through the continent, you'll probably find yourself flying between destinations a few times. Here are all the low-cost carriers operating in South America.