Guide to Apartment-Rental Agencies in Milwaukee

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    Milwaukee's Rental Market

    Visit Milwaukee

    June 1 and September 1 are the most popular move-in dates in Milwaukee, due to the abundance of rentals available during this time. Another factor: the outdoor temperatures are mild. If you’ve ever moved your furniture and other belongings across town during a Wisconsin winter, you understand!

    According to a report released in July, the average price for a two-bedroom apartment in Milwaukee is $1,482 and a one-bedroom apartment rents for, on average, $1,079. Of course, like any city, rental costs vary according to the neighborhood, the size of the property and its amenities.

    Here are several reputable rental companies in Milwaukee and its surrounding suburbs that offer living spaces, either by month-to-month or a six- or 12-month lease. It is a mix of units in apartments and rental homes with yards. For a guide to Milwaukee neighborhoods, this link on Visit Milwaukee’s website is a good primer. If you’re open to living in any neighborhood—or are deciding between two or three—take some time to explore the area before signing a lease or even shopping for an apartment. Ask your friends to join you for dinner at a local restaurant one night or take a week to do errands in that part of town, experiencing the local grocery store, post office and library. If you have a dog—or like to walk—take Fido through a stroll in the local park as a way to get a glimpse of local life. Should the neighborhood have a bicycle path, take yourself on a two-wheeled adventure of your future home’s neighborhood.

    Other tips in finding an apartment include reviewing listings on Milwaukee's Craigslist page and driving around your neighborhood of choice. Many landlords and property-management companies opt to stick a "For Rent" sign in the front yard in lieu of advertising as not only a way to save money but also because demand could be high (and the unit filled quickly). Be sure to check out local coffee shops in your target part of town because it's not uncommon to see fliers tacked onto bulletin boards advertising vacancies. Also, if you are looking to relocate near Marquette University or the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, check with those universities for internal listings for nearby rentals that are available to staff, faculty and students.

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    Mandel Group

    Mandel Group

    What: Mandel Group

    Where: Milwaukee’s downtown and East Side; Brookfield; Waukesha; Germantown; Hales Corners; Wauwatosa and Greenfield

    Contact: (414) 347-3600

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    Shoreline Real Estate Co.

    Shoreline Real Estate Co.

    What: Shoreline Real Estate Co.

    Where: Milwaukee’s East Side and downtown; North Shore suburbs; and Wauwatosa (near Medical College of Wisconsin, too)

    Contact: (414) 271-6200

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    Katz Properties

    Katz Properties

    What: Katz Properties

    Where: Milwaukee’s East Side, Bay View, South Side and downtown; Bayside; Cudahy; Fox Point; Greendale; New Berlin; Shorewood; South Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay

    Contact: (414) 332-8080

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    Dominion Properties

    Dominion Properties

    What: Dominion Properties

    Where: Milwaukee’s East Side and Shorewood 

    Contact: (414) 264-5901

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    Ogden & Company

    Ogden & Company

    What: Ogden & Company

    Where: Milwaukee’s Downtown, Riverwest and West Side (Marquette University); Franklin; Brookfield; Whitefish Bay; Shorewood; Wauwatosa and New Berlin

    Contact: (414) 475-1900

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    Elite Properties

    Elite Properties

    What: Elite Properties

    Where: Milwaukee’s East Side, West Side, South Side and North Side; Brookfield; Franklin; Waukesha; Butler and West Allis

    Contact: (262) 373-1777 

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    Wellston Apartments

    Wellston Apartments

    What: Wellston Apartments

    Where: Milwaukee’s East Side and South Side; Shorewood and Racine

    Contact: (414) 271-5201

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    Residential Renters

    Residential Renters

    What: Residential Renters

    Where: Milwaukee’s Downtown, Third Ward, Walker’s Point and East Side; Bayside; Oak Creek; Mequon; Delafield; Pewaukee; Shorewood; Wauwatosa and Whitefish Bay

    Contact: (414) 333-0280

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    Milwaukee Metro Management

    Milwaukee Metro Management

    What: Milwaukee Metro Management

    Where: Milwaukee’s Brewers Hill, Riverwest, South Side, West Side, North Side and East Side; Whitefish Bay

    Contact: (414) 254-0204

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    Jomela Properties and Jomela Property Management of Milwaukee

    Jomela Properties and Jomela Property Management of Milwaukee

    What: Jomela Properties and Jomela Property Management of Milwaukee

    Where: Milwaukee’s North Side, South Side and West Side

    Contact: (414) 442-1700