The Air Travel Expert's Guide to Airport Power Outlets

You've Got The Power

As people travel more, they are bringing myriad electronics—including smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and eReaders—that need to be charged. No one wants to get on a flight—especially a long-haul or international one—without having them all powered up.

In the olden days, passengers spent plenty of time wandering airport terminals looking for power outlets (expert tip: look near trash cans). But more airports are recognizing the need for power and are ramping up efforts to boost the number of available outlets. Below are 20 airports that are giving you the power.

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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Photo by Benet J/ Wilson

The world's busiest airport is adding more outlets in its concourses regularly. The outlets in the new International Terminal, sponsored by Delta Air Lines, are located in gate seating areas and the main food and shopping hall.

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Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Photo courtesy of DFW Airport

As part of a $2 billion upgrade of its terminals, the airport has been installing power outlets. The airport has free power stations at gates A10, A24, C20, C35, D21, D30 and E37. It is also home to three free DFW Airport Travel Lounges, which have comfortable seating, televisions and most importantly, plenty of outlets to charge electronics. Finally, the Guest Services Center at gate B14 has five workstations with power outlets.

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Newark-Liberty International Airport

Photo by Benet J. Wilson

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which manages this airport, has installed hundreds of power poles and charging stations—some with USB ports—in the airport for easy and convenient recharging. And United's Terminal C partner OTG Management has installed power outlets and USB ports in gate seating and all of its restaurants.

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San Francisco International Airport

Photo courtesy of San Francisco International Airport

As one of the home airports for Silicon Valley, SFO has stepped up its game, installing more than 1,500 outlets across its four terminals. The airport offers a mix, including traditional outlets and USB ports, along with workstations, seat chargers and power bars. 

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Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

Photo by Benet J. Wilson

This airport uses a mix of power poles, countertop outlets and in-seat power for passengers looking to charge their electronic devices. Terminals 1 and 2 feature Samsung Power Poles, while in Terminal 2, Southwest Airlines has power bars with stools for seating.

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Boston-Logan International Airport

Photo by Benét J. Wilson

In the mid-2000s, this airport underwent major upgrades in its terminals. Among the things done was to install these seats that have individual power outlets. And if you still have trouble finding an outlet, you can call 1-800-23-LOGAN (56426) and they will tell you where to find them.

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Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Photo by Benét J. Wilson

Regular travelers to this American Airlines hub know about the airport's now-iconic rocking chairs. There are outlets near each of the chairs so you can rock and charge at the same time. There are also charging stations with outlets and USB ports in Concourses A, B, C, D and E.

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Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Photo by Benét J. Wilson

This D.C. area airport has charging stations in gate areas, restaurants, and the baggage claim levels. You can easily find them by looking for  "power up" signs. And several of the airport's sit-down restaurants also have power outlets where you can charge while you eat.

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Washington Dulles International Airport

Photo by Benét J. Wilson

Power outlets are abundant throughout this D.C. area airport, including the gates and main terminal areas. If you're in the B Concourse, there's a number of charging stations at the food court near Gate B73.

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Denver International Airport

Photo by Benét J. Wilson

There were plugs everywhere at this airport's four concourses. There are also battery charging stations with high stools that offered plenty of seating and space to charge electronic devices before boarding a flight. 

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George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Photo courtesy of Houston Airports System

Houston's international airport has plenty of free power stations in all five of its terminals. But if you need a quick charge and are willing to pay, there are also Rapid Charger Machines that have outlets and USB ports. 

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JFK Airport

Photo by Benét J. Wilson

All of the airport's six terminals have plenty of outlets, tables and workstations that allow travelers to charge up. JetBlue's Terminal 5 has plenty of outlets in the main hall seating area, along with power poles and table tops with outlets in the gate areas.

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McCarran International Airport

Photo by Benét J. Wilson

This Las Vegas airport's terminals have power outlets and USB ports in every seat. There are also plenty of places to plug in at restaurants and the food court. 

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Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Photo by Benét J. Wilson

Find free Samsung Power Pole charging stations, 18 in Terminal 1 and four in Terminal 2, at this airport. It also has seats and tables with outlets in Terminal 1's food court, along with power seating along the entire G Concourse. Southwest Airlines has power in its seating areas. There are also outlets in seats at the Service Center across from Gate H3. 

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Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Photo courtesy of United Airlines.

The airport offers power stations with seated workstations that have plenty of counter space in its four terminals. Each station seats up to eight and also has one that is wheelchair accessible. Terminal 1 has nine stations, Terminal 2 has two, Terminal 3 has six and Terminal 5 has one. United Airlines has also installed its own branded power outlets throughout the airport.

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Philadelphia International Airport

Photo courtesy of Philadelphia International Airport

It's easy to find the power outlets in this airport because of the Power Up at PHL branding. You can find outlets in food courts and restaurants, and airlines also offer their own branded outlets including Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and JetBlue.

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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Photo courtesy of Leviton

If you go into the lobby areas of this airport's three terminals, there are 36 sets of tables and chairs that have outlets and USB ports with plenty of room for all your devices. Once you're past security, travelers can find outlets by searching for "Get Plugged In" signs for power stations. Each station has six outlets and six USB ports, and the airport has installed 240 electrical outlets and 204 USB ports.

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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Port of Seattle image by Don Wilson

Travelers have access to power underneath almost all the seats in the A, B, D and S gates.  And Alaska Airlines also has under-seat power at its N and C gates.

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LaGuardia Airport

Photo courtesy of Masayuki (Yuki) Kawagishi/Flickr

The airport has added free power poles and dozens of outlets and USB ports in its four terminals. 

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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Photo courtesy of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

The airport offers free Wi-Fi and has Plug In & Work connection stations in Concourses A and B.