Guide for Singles in Detroit

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If you're new to the area or recently single, finding a way to meet people may be a mystery. You can head to the local coffee house, buy a copy of Meeting Singles for Dummies, or check out a list of resources specifically geared to singles in Detroit. The Guide for Singles in Detroit includes information about social clubs, church groups, travel planners and event-listing newsletters.

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Social Clubs and Event-Planning Groups

Book club in Detroit

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There are several organizations that make it their business to host events for singles in Detroit. Each social club or event-planning group varies in the way it is governed, its membership requirements and focus.

Event Websites

Several websites and newsletters cater to Detroit-area singles by providing information about upcoming events. Here are just a few:

  • Joe Knopp compiles information about upcoming Events, Activities, Fun Stuff To Do for singles in Detroit. The newsletter is distributed via e-mail. To get on the distribution list, e-mail Joe.
  • Meetups provides a comprehensive list of events for all of its singles groups in Detroit.


All the social clubs have some form of membership that is either required or gives members special benefits. The membership fees range from $30 a year to several hundred dollars a year paid out via an activation fee and monthly dues.

Focus and Activities

While the groups/clubs also vary their focus by age range, professional status and interest, they all offer a host of activities. Here are just a few of the type of events offered:

  • Camping weekends
  • Dinners
  • Parties
  • Bowling leagues
  • Dances
  • Vacation trips
  • Weekly Euchre tournaments
  • Book clubs
  • Tennis
  • Hikes
  • Scuba lessons
  • Educational seminars

Between all of the clubs/groups, there should be an event for every Detroit-area single looking to meet people in a comfortable environment. To help get you started, here is a List of Social Clubs for Singles in Detroit.

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Sports and Recreation Groups

Ann Arbor Ski & Social Club

 Ann Arbor Ski & Social Club

Plenty of groups and clubs center around a particular sport or interest but target Detroit-area singles for participation:

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Church and Religious Groups

Saint Mary's Catholic Church, Detroit
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Several churches across the Metro-Detroit area host singles groups. While many are geared toward helping singles meet other people within their faith, others are non-denominational.

  • Presbyterian: Single Place at Northville First Presbyterian Church
  • Nondenominational Christian: Axiom, Elevate and Second-Half Life groups are sponsored by the Kensington Community Church, which has locations in Birmingham, Clinton Township, Lake Orion, Rochester Hills, and Troy.
  • Catholic Sponsored Nondenominational Divorce Support: Bethany Dances are hosted by Bethany of Southeast Michigan at six locations throughout the Metro-Detroit area.
  • Catholic Singles Club for Professionals: Catholic Alumni Club of Detroit
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Online Social Groups With Members in Detroit

Downtown Detroit

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The hosting service may be national, but the group and its members are all from the Metro-Detroit area. If you want to go virtual to find a like-minded group of local singles, check out group listings on Meetup and/or Yahoo Groups. You may be able to define groups further by interests and/or neighborhoods. Note: You may have to wade through a lot of hookup groups, so be sure to check out each group's summary, prior posts and most recent activity.

Here's a smattering of some of the groups listed:

  • Detroit Catholic Singles hosts events, including School Bus Demolition Races and Holy Hour
  • Ann Arbor Entertainment for singles in their 30s and 40s
  • Let's Get Out!
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More Ideas: Where to Meet Singles

Detroit, Michigan

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Sometimes meeting other single people happens by just getting out and getting active in the community, like volunteering, taking a course, or joining a business networking group.

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