Gueros Taco Bar

Solid Tex-Mex in a Historic Feed Store

Guero's Taco Bar on South Congress in Austin
Emily Starbuck Gerson

The warehouse-like structure was once home to a feed store, and they’ve made good use of every inch of the space. A taco bar sits along the right wall, booths occupy the left wall and tables and chairs fill up the central portion of the main dining room. The front part of the restaurant can be a little chaotic because the small bar area is also used as a waiting area. There are also a few chairs on the sidewalk out front.

Wonderful black-and-white photography from Mexico adorns the walls in the bar area. And in case you forgot you were in Texas, there are also a few stuffed animals.

Favorite Dishes

I usually order the a la carte tacos al pastor from the appetizer menu. They’re tiny little tacos full of tangy pork and pineapple. Squeeze on a little lime, and it’s a regular taste sensation. The chunky chicken soup, or caldo de pollo, is a soul-warming treat on a cold day. The Santa Fe enchiladas are a little odd because they’re stacked, not rolled like most enchiladas. No matter how they put them together, it comes with your choice of meats and sauces, and it’s topped off with a fried egg. The El Presidente is what President Bill Clinton had when he ate here a few years ago. This was when he was a little more on the tubby side. The plate includes a beef taco, a chicken taco, a tamale, guacamole and charro beans. Though it’s just a side dish, I’d gladly make a meal out of the spicy charro beans and some puffy flour tortillas.

I’ve only had breakfast here a few times, but the migas and breakfast tacos are above average.


I’ve never had a bad margarita here. All are made with fresh-squeezed lime and pack a punch, which contributes to the festive vibe in the restaurant. My companions have also raved about the mojitos, but it just seems wrong not to order a margarita at Guero’s.

Outdoor Patio

Next to the restaurant, a beautiful oak-shaded patio hosts free music every Sunday afternoon. The bands are often conjunto or Tejano, a type of music you don’t hear in the hipster bars around town. You can have food on the patio, but you have to order it while you’re inside the restaurant. There are no waiters in the outdoor area. You can order drinks, however, directly from the bar on the patio.

Sunday Madness

Guero’s is a popular spot to refuel after the lake on Sunday afternoons, which means it gets crowded and loud. Still, if you’re already feeling festive, it’s a great way to top off the weekend.

Guero’s Taco Bar / 1412 South Congress Avenue / (512) 447-7688

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