Best Restaurants in Guayaquil, Ecuador

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The coastal city of Guayaquil is one of the most important ports in Ecuador. It is also home to some of the best seafood available in the country, which means it offers some of the best restaurants in Ecuador and should not be missed by food lovers.

Like much of South America, ceviche is one of the most popular fish dishes in the seafood restaurants of Guayaquil where the fish is marinated in citrus juices, while the fish stew encebollado is also a very popular and tasty dish. As a cosmopolitan city, there are plenty of different types of cuisine on offer here, but a visit to Guayaquil without trying the local cuisine would be a great opportunity missed.

Marrecife Marisqueria

Marisqueria restaurant may not be the most accessible option in Guayaquil as it is a short distance outside the city center, but this is certainly one of the best options for those who are looking to get an authentic taste of Ecuador.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular restaurants in Ecuador, the dining room here is often filled with Guayaquil locals tucking into the superb fish dishes. There are a variety of different ceviches on offer on the menu, while another great highlight here is the seafood spaghetti, which is a great way to prepare the fresh fish that is caught in the area.

Lo Nuestro

This is another of the most successful Ecuadorian restaurants in the city with excellent seafood served in a rustic atmosphere with beautiful tables and lovely decorations throughout the dining room.

Like many restaurants in Ecuador, the menu is fairly seasonal and the daily specials will depend on the quality fish that have been brought in by the fishing fleet that day. Shrimp play an important part on the menu and are prepared in a variety of creative ways, while one dish that isn't to be missed is the superb grilled sea bass that is served with an excellent crab sauce.

Asia De Cuba

This Asian restaurant is located in the central Urdesa district of Guayaquil and has developed a good reputation for producing a tasty variety of Asian dishes. The stylish and colorful interior gives the restaurant a very nice atmosphere for diners at the restaurant, while the creative drinks menu also keeps things interesting.

Influences on the menu include Indian, Thai and Peruvian, and the strong flavors in the dishes vary significantly depending on the different Asian regions inspiring each dish. Highlights on the menu include the seared tuna which is crusted with sesame seeds, while the pork in adobo sauce is also a wonderful dish worth trying.

Caracol Azul

This is one of the most well-established restaurants in Guayaquil, and is located in a French-inspired building in the city center, and this European influence can also be seen in some of the dishes on the menu too.

Seafood dominates the menu here, and for those who love octopus, there are a variety of ways in which these locally caught fish are cooked. Another of the popular ingredients that can be found on the menu is lobster, and both the lobster thermidor and lobster in almond sauce are excellent dishes. The chef prepares a tasty shrimp ceviche, which is another example of the superb seafood that can be tasted in this part of the country.

Red Crab

Although there are many different types of food in Ecuador depending on the region, Red Crab's name is a real giveaway about what type of food is on offer. The setting is very much dedicated to seafood too, with several fish tanks among the decorations around the dining room.

For those looking for a civilized taste of crab then there are claws that have been shelled already for you, but the real star of the show is the creole crab which is served with corn and other vegetables in a very tasty sauce. If crab isn't to your taste, then there are other seafood and meat dishes available.

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