All-Inclusive Guana Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands

BVI's all-inclusive resort has some of the Caribbean's best beaches

aerial view of White Bay Beach at Guana Island, British Virgin Islands
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If there is a more romantic spot in all the British Virgin Islands than Guana Island, then geology and the hand of man has yet to create it. Guana is a hidden BVI gem, a private island near Tortola that's an enclave of exquisite, all-inclusive service spread over 850 acres of mountainous beauty. Guana has seven pristine beaches; the main one, White Bay Beach, is a perennial best-of pick. Guana's size and limited number of guests (32 max) means if White Bay Beach has more than a handful of folks on it, it is deemed crowded.

Guana Island Rooms

Each of Guana's cottages is named for an island in the Caribbean. Eleuthra straddles the spine of a hill and has outstanding views of Muskmelon Bay to the left, Long Man's Point to the right, and the U.S. Virgin Islands dead ahead. Even the view from the bathroom was better than most rooms at other resorts, with White Bay Beach right below and bougainvillea, Pride of Barbados, and other floral delights framing the doorway. The cottage itself was simple and well-appointed, with a bed near the window that gives the best wake-up call possible, the sun and morning breeze streaming warmly through. For exceptional privacy, check out North Beach Cottage far from the main area, accessible by golf cart.

Guana Island Dining

There is only one dining area on Guana, in the main building known as the Great House, which has some of the best views in the Caribbean, most notably on Queen's Terrace, named in honor of the Queen Mother's visit in 1964. Meals here are fabulous, made more so by the spectacular sunsets and St. Thomas's twinkle in the distance when darkness descends. The menu includes dishes like creamy spinach soup, crunchy duck, and pan-fried flounder with spicy pineapple salsa.

For daytime dining, opt for White Bay Terrace overlooking bougainvillea-bursting hillsides sweeping down to the bay's tourquoise waters. You can also have breakfast on a terrace on the other side of the Great House, bathed in sunlight and the sweet scent of nearby jasmine. Breakfast is a dining dream come true as well, from fresh fruit grown on Guana to eggs any style and mango crepes with mascarpone cream. You can justify eating such exceptional food by knowing you'll walk it all off on the myriad of hiking trails criss-crossing the island.

Guana Island Amenities

Rooms are tastefully appointed but not lush; nothing is over the top, the design is simple, elegant, sufficient, owing perhaps to the island's history as a Quaker sugar plantation centuries ago. Evidence of this past history still exists in rusting cannon and the foundation of an old sugar mill near Flamingo Pond, named for the graceful pink birds that dwell there. There are no TVs in the rooms, but there is wireless throughout the island, should the need arise to stay connected with the outside world you're trying to escape from.

Guana's beaches are the main amenity, and White Bay Beach is the most glorious, a half-mile stretch of pure powder sand. At this beach is a small bar where you can get drinks or snacks to take to your lounge chairs, either in the sun or beneath a giant shade tree where you can sway in hammocks. Massages are also available in your room or, better yet, by the beach which with a warm wind washing over you as your tired muscles are kneaded into splendid submission, seems a much better option.

Guana hosts special dining events from time to time, such as a beach barbecue with a band and dancing, along with a most unusual and delightfully entertaining hermit crab race.

Guana Island Activities

There is snorkeling in abundance all around the island, and you can use the island's sea kayaks, Hobie Wave, or Sunfish to explore the nearby waters. Consider taking a sea kayak and paddling around the White Bay bend to the windy waters beyond, stopping to bob in the waves and stare up at the island's main protuberance, which looks like a giant iguana head, and gave the island its name. For additional fees, you can water ski, scuba dive, or arrange a private fishing charter. Land activities include tennis (two beautiful courts), volleyball, bocce, ping pong, badminton, horseshoes, and croquet.

Guana Island History

All-inclusive Guana Island in the British Virgin Islands is rich in beauty -- and history. In the 18th century, two Quaker families came here as part of what was called "the Quaker Experiment," which lasted about 45 years in the BVI. The Quakers used African slaves and grew sugarcane, and when the Quakers on Guana were recalled to America and England, they left behind two cannons that can be seen more

Guana Island Flora and Fauna

Scientist James Lazell, who wrote the literal book on all-inclusive Guana Island's natural history, says Guana "has more flora and fauna than any island of its size yet studied in the Caribbean, and possibly the world." Taking a look around the incredible beauty of the island's 850 hilly, flowering and verdant acres, it's easy to more

Guana Island's Orchard Master, Dr. Liao

Dr. Liao is a tiny Chinese gentleman, 79 years young and blessed with a passion for his life's work that is infectious if you spend any amount of time with him. And you should, if you’re a guest on all inclusive Guana Island in the British Virgin Islands, because the good Dr. Liao, who lovingly lords over the lush vegetable and flower orchards nestled into one corner of the island, is a joy to be more

Guana Island Information

Guana Island
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