Gregory Rodgers

Greg Rodgers traded corporate life for a backpack and began traveling the world in search of interesting people, exciting places, and spicy food.


Greg has lived in or traveled more than 20 countries in the last five years. He is the editor of and is considered a voice for the vagabonding and location-independent lifestyles. Greg's travelogues and articles have been featured in print and all across the web.

Gregory Rodgers

There is no denying how much that traveling abroad has changed my life. My goal is to enable others to experience the same places and adventures that I have enjoyed so much over the years. Southeast Asia is a magical place and you are sure to lose yourself among the jungles, islands, and cultures found there. Traveling this beautiful part of the world is safer and easier than ever. The sights, smells, tastes, and sounds of Southeast Asia will stay with you forever - don't expect to leave there with your heart!

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