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••• Asia is an exciting place to be!. Photo by Greg Rodgers

Greg Rodgers is an experienced travel writer, photographer, and world nomad. In 2005, Greg traded his corporate office for a backpack and set out to see the world; he never came back.


Greg has slowly wandered through more than 30 countries, however, he fell in love with Asia. Despite returning to his hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, to visit, his heart and mind were always left behind on some island in Southeast Asia.

Greg joined as a contributing writer in 2010 to cover Southeast Asia. He is the editor of and is considered a voice for independent travel and the location-independent lifestyle. His mishaps and adventures have been featured across the web and in print.

Greg Rodgers

After burning through my 20s in a corporate office, I came across a number of travel blogs and websites that sparked my wanderlust. Once I experienced the thrill of getting off a plane in Bangkok for the first time, I realized my new mission in life: to enable others to boldly travel to exciting places.

Asia is a maddening vortex of ancient culture and modern life where the unexpected is a daily occurrence. Let me be your guide to the most fascinating continent on earth. Be warned: Once you sample the joy that is traveling Asia, you'll never get enough!

Join me for Asia travel updates on Twitter and Facebook. You can see more from my travels on my vagabonding blog or the Greg Rodgers homepage.

Asia is a big beat to cover, so I would love to hear from readers!

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